women waiting to be spanked

So many lovely bottoms on the internet
 in position
 some ladies watching you approach while maintaining position
 albeit with trepidation
 some meekly lowering their panties
 some resigned to trying to muffle the sounds of the smacks and their owwwing
 some using pillows to make their bottom be in the best position to be spanked
 some trying to distract you from your duty
 some resignedly with panties down
 face hidden for the camera, but their bottom is not hidden from the paddle
 they await the caress of the spanks
 sometimes happily
 sometimes resignedly
 but always beautiful
enjoy life
spank and be spanked often
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and her best friend decided to act foolish, coming back early in the morning, making a lot of noise and waking the neighbor in the other duplex. I waited until they got up, had them both standing in the frontroom, still in their jammies, scolding them soundly. My girlfriend knew what was to come and once I sat down she quickly bared her bottom and over my lap she went. Her friend watched in shock, and once I was sure her bottom was properly spanked, I looked at the friend, she did not move and so I stood took her arm and over my lap she went. Her bottom was bared and I insured she remembered this for sometime. While both stood facing the wall, the knock on the door got everyone attention, and I opened to see it was the neighbor lady and she proceeded to complain about the noise last night, inviting her in she quickly saw I had address the problem.. Very nice she said, but she added a "mother touch" would be nice to add, I said sure. I watched as she really spanked both of them, their squirming, kicking, and pleading was something else. Once she finished with both, they all went to the bathroom, it was sometime before they came back to the frontroom. Come to learn, they were bathed like naughty little girls, back in their jammies and back to facing the wall. Don't let them fool you the next time she said and then went home. I looked at the two told them to face me, looking at them I said both of you will be getting a very sound spanking before bed tonight, and now clean this place and be very good at doing so. They were both soundly spanked with a hairbrush prior to bed, they looked very naughty rubbing their bottoms and rushing off to bed.

Anonymous said...

Those bottoms are both beautiful and inviting. I noticed a few of the expressions the girls seem eager to be spanked. Hmm, my wife says I'm always eager to be spanked too.

Baxter said...

lovely photos. nothing like a bare female bottom. I fantasize about some of the females at work showing me their bare bottoms.


Red said...

a wonderful dream, or a wonderful reality... let the reader choose which!
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: many ladies are like us, enjoying the thought of being spanked

Baxter: glad you liked the photos. always nice to dream when attractive women are around us.
bottoms up