when they won't stay put OTK

Sometimes a spanking OTK just gets too much for you to want to stay Over The Knee!
The solution is really easy!
this lady simply locks her legs together, with one leg trapped at mid thigh
Alternatively, one leg can be used to lock both of the spankee's legs
As you can see, even vintage  style photos had to deal with this difficulty, solved by the lowest leg being pinned, and the higher leg squarely over your thigh
Having hsi head under the table at the same time you control both legs is definitively effective
but the real mistress of spanking has his legs trapped at the knees, and his groin over her thigh, eliminating any attempt at escape...
and remember,
Thus, the problem has been solved, and the spanker can once again be smiling for a job well done
One last word on the topic, maybe a sterner approach is necessary to keep him in place
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My legs locked, no movement and soon standing while she admires a very red, spanked bottom. One time her mother came during the spanking, I then stood beside my wife and my mother in law told her daughter very, very nice. Young man my wife said to me, go to your place, I looked at her and another hard spank I walked, showing all pass my mother in law to my place. Their so cute aren't they after a spanking my mother in law said to her daughter.

Anonymous said...

For OTK a leg lock works wonders for giving the spanker control. But when I'm laying on the bed with a pillow under my hips and the spanking gets severe I do a lot of kicking and wiggling and R says she likes the view of my bottom wiggling.

Red said...

anon; Leg locked works, really amping up the dominant nature of the spanking, and I do imagine your MIL would think you were cute, with a red bottom on display.

archedone:it is wonderful that your wife so enjoys spanking you.

bottoms up