reading books can be so enjoyable (humor)

How to make reading more enjoyable for two people.
But what should you read? Maybe large photos with few words, as he might be distracting the lady a little.
It is always a good idea to have a comfortable pillow, and a hard body to rest on!

If men need more encouragement to visit a library instead of simply watching television, this might work!
and if not a library, the normal bookstore now has really comfortable chairs that offer wonderful relaxation ideas
but libraries expose you to so many wonderful viewpoints of life
you never know who you might see
 what discovery is just around the corner
 anatomy lessons are easy to find
so visit your local bookstore or library soon. Pssobly this young lady might be reading

and be wishing to be spanked
the imagination is wonderful
or maybe he needs to be spanked
It certainly beats ordering on Amazon. bottoms up


Anonymous said...

all the pictures are good, but I love the second one. That is a position we have not tried and I'll have to show it to R and see if she will try it. It looks very comfortable for her and very enjoyable for him.

ronnie said...


As Archedone says - second pics looks quite comfortable. Not tried it myself:)


Red said...

archedone: a happy time was had by all
bottoms up

Red said...

ronnie: doubt you will ever get to try it, but you could take that as a dare and see where it leads!
bottoms up