ladies waiting to spank you

The look and the smile lets you know that she will enjoy spanking you
 The look of determination, and what you see seals your fate

Sometimes the look is " you are really going to get it this time"

Sometimes the look shows disappointment

The baring of the lap, before the baring of your bottom, foretells she does not want her skirt creased by your flailing about on her lap

Better hurry over her lap. the longer you delay, the worse it will be 
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

A lady can say a lot with an expression. Words need not be spoken. In this house when those expressions are seen, she already has the implement she will use to make corrections. You know it's time to bare your bottom, lay across her lap and offer her your correction spot.

Anonymous said...

When she points the fingers, I best be bare from the waist down and quickly going across her lap, because by then I have gone to far.

Red said...

archedone: very true
anon: Best to solve the problem and be happy once more.
bottoms up