humorous eclectic F/M sundays

Well, a few from my collection
 I would always lose this bet....
and then
She can enjoy having you kneeling naked at her feet
 she decides if you have behaved well enough to be able to go out to your activities
or that you should stay home and entertain her friends
 and play a new rendition of musical chairs
where you will be owwwing as you  move from lap to lap
and always remember
his erection is always useful
and if the man is ever bossy and say: make me a sandwich, wife!
so, as you peruse my blog, remember this about me
 what a lovely place to work
and would love to come home to either this 
or this
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Great theme Red. the pix of being spanked by several women is interesting. It would be painful and fun at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Spanked in front of others, only once that was enough. An older lady I was seeing had enough of my attitude and I soon found myself over her lap, bottom bare and feeling the sting of her hairbrush. A good friend walked in during the spanking, sat down and said long overdue. When I stood up I was rubbing my sore bottom and could care less all was on display. I stood facing the wall while the two talked, never again did I want someone to see me getting spanked.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Red. If my wife was so inclined I would love to play musical chairs with her and two of her friends. It would be embarrassing to be the only nude one in the room and I'm sure I'd be hard prior to the first spanking but I truly feel after the first spanking I wouldn't care what they are seeing, my attention would be on my sore bottom. Wonderful fantasy, love to dream.

Red said...

baxter:yes, fun but painful for certain. Hopefully not a competition to see who can make your feet dance the quickest.

anon:I am certain with the friend watching, the spanking became even stronger to show a competency in spanking you

archedone: I love to dream also. This is a nice fantasy
bottoms up