Happy Fourth of July to everyone

She is ready to light up your bottom
 so let the fireworks begin
 whether over the knee with a paddle
or  two friends dealing with a misbehaving man
 remember, a wooden hair brush is always appropriate for any occasion
Remember also the ladies 
 ladies enjoy being spanked also
 or least sometimes
Enjoy the Day, and here is a reason to smile
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Love the first pic, the look on her face and the paddle, I am sure she could apply the paddle quite effectively.

smuccatelli said...

Always nice to see Veronica Ricci as a "top", as she's usually getting spanked. I've seen the one of Clare Fonda before but she's usually a top too and very rarely showed any nudity, especially frontal nudity.

Nice pics...

Anonymous said...

Clare reminds me of the time I had enough of my wife attitude, she looked just like that and what made it worse, her mother dropped in unexpected. She looked at her daughter and then me, my wife started to the bedroom only to get stopped by her mother. Nice job she said to me, young lady she said, best face the wall.

ronnie said...


Last one made me smile.

Happy 4th July to all our American friends.

Have a fun weekend Red.


Anonymous said...

The 4th of July reminds me of a story my mother in law told my about my husband George.....he had hidden a boy of Cherry Bombs under the floor boards in their hot attic....she found them and when he went to get them they were gone but she had left the hairbrush she used to tan his chubby cheeks.... Cheryl I will do the same tonight .........

Red said...

Baxter: yes, that is a frightening paddle

smuccatelli: glad you liked the pics.. tops and bottoms should interchange sometimes. That is the only ever picture of Clare frontal, so wonder if it was photoshopped.

anon: sounds delicious.. has your mother-in-law explained more of her spankng habits, and has she had reason to spank you/

Ronnie: Happy to make you smile! Lucky you, you have the weekend off, for us retired people,there never is a change from the daily grind..:)

Cheryl: hope you had a wonderful 4th, and enjoyed spanking George

bottoms up