f/m thoughts for today

Thought for today, and everyday whenever you misbehave
now take your clothes off
now come here over my knee
one well spanked bottom iswell deserved
and then time to reflect
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Time to reflect, depends on how naughty I've been. Also I might have just had my pants and underpants pulled down and so I face the wall displaying a very red bottom. If real naughty, I stand naked, and she could care less of someone drops in. Have learned women don't get as roused as men, they just mention how I look like a very naughty little boy. My mother-in-law even gave her daughter a nice sturdy paddle, in fact the first time it was used, my mother-in-law had me over her lap and applied it firmly.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you and I have heard those words often Red. The implement used may be different but the results are the same. Kicking, owing, ouching, then reflecting be it in the corner or display position. Last night I received a "just because" spanking. Her words were I feel like spanking you go and get me the wooden spoon and when you come back you better be naked. Then It was over her knee, one leg behind mine as she took her time giving my bottom a nice red hue.

Red said...

anon: sturdy paddles can be very very effective. Best behave a little more often,specially if MIL is around

archedone: a just because spanking keeps everyone happy. enjoy
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Pix # 4 and 5 : two familiar scenes...

J. only wears glasses to read, but sometimes... (she feels it gives her a sterner look)