feet in the air

Some sites call this the diaper position, but \i prefer the feet in the air nomenclature!
Now it may be that the spankee is very fit and athletic,
and can maintain position on their own
but men might need a little extra help
and a thoughtful spanker helps to make certain you stay in position
This man is defintiely not getting away
sometimes ladies need a little extra help staying in position
and even a little calming hand does wonders
 but occasionally, a friend needs to hold the legs in position, so the spanker can perform their duty
It could be that the person wronged gets to hold her legs for the deserved spanking
enjoy the thoughts
I have been spanked with my feet in the air, and it HURTS so much more than a normal spanking!
Have you tried this position?
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Never had this done to me. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

You are right Red, feet in the air does have more sting to it. And yes I've been in that position. Loved the picture where she is holding his equipment to keep him in place.

Red said...

Baxter: you must suggest it, then a decision can be made about repeating or forgetting this position.

Archedone: glad you liked the photo,

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I HATE getting spanked like that, so, yes, several times. With my manly parts dangerously close to the instrument of punishment, it certainly focuses one's thinking! As I'm always spanked when she's fully clothed, it adds dramatically to the punishment...and yes, it DOES hurt more, as well. Thanks for the pics...glad I'm not the only guy who gets it this way!


Red said...

Mark: thanks for leaving a comment. I am hoping you will write more of your spanking relationship with your partner, and being naked while she is fully clothed ramps up the submissive nature of the relationship
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