ENJOY spanking in the great outdoors this summer

Can you imagine coming across this sight, a little too late to see the spanking, but what a wonderful view.
 Directoire knickers... the red looks so nice beside the white material
 next  a few photos of a spanking with a switch

 a well done bottom... delightful
 just absolutely lovely
and one from the past at the beach
love a flashing photo in spanking position (or for fucking)
a nice switch tells it all
a reddened bottom at the beach on display
and maybe this was the spanking
and a few more

 enjoy being spanked outdoors
bottoms up


  1. Not here she said, why not I responded, we are alone, and with that she was across my lap, the great outdoors. Her bottom was so well formed, it was meant to receive a spanking. Her cheeks wiggled as my hand landed soundly on each, her cries grew louder with each spank, and of course she wiggled so nicely that I ensured a proper red was left on each cheek. When she stood up, she rubbed and had such a cute naughty girl look. We not done yet I said and slowly lowered my pants, underpants to reveal my erection. She quickly reached for it, and I said not so fast, I helped her to remove her remaining clothing, and she helped me and soon both naked, her bottom red and very warm. I layed her on a blanket and for me sucking her breast, licking them, she enjoyed and also wiggled since her bottom was rubbing against the blanket. Finally she reached for the erection, and soon was on top, oh she played with it, and I playfully spanked her bare bottom, and just when I thought I would explode, she stopped and slowly I enter her and gripping her spanked bottom the ride began. Afterwards we walked to the lake a short distance away, enjoyed the cool water, washed one another. The next morning we awoke and she stood in all her glory and said with a smile, I'm going to be a very naughty little girl today and I smiled back and said "Daddy" will need to spank his naughty little girl.

  2. Nothing more enjoyable to view than well spanked female bottoms. The venue of outdoors adds to the interest as well as the tool used to do the spanking.

  3. At milepost 53 on I-84, outside Portland, OR, a few cars can be parked. A bit to the east is a huge talus slope with a marginal, but safe path up through the heavy boulders. A bit over 100 feet up lie the remains of a wagon road. Our BDSM group used to carry our toy bags up there, bend folks over rocks, tie them to trees,spank them, lash them, whip them. Someone always checked the area for poison oak before the play began, and you should, too. Lotsa fun and a great picnic spot with naughty spice.

  4. Red, since I leave comments more often lately, can you please tell me how to get a picture? What kind of account do I need to establish?


  5. Outside spanking can add a little danger to the spanking.....The danger of being seen and enjoyed by others. I can only speak for myself but love being spanked by R outside for the joy of bending over fallen trees, hugging trees and many other positions, and would not mind if someone was to come along and witness her spanking me.

  6. Anon: Whether true, or a good imagination,thanks for sharing

    Baxter: glad you enjoyed the viewing

    michelleffs: I guess the saying should be "keep Portland Weird, like keep Austin weird, but also a fun place to live". Thanks for sharing this tidbit of information

    archedone: We have and someone has seen us once... I would do it again whenever the opportunity exists, but making love outdoors is even more exciting.

    bottoms up

  7. michelleffs: sorry, but i do not know how you created your account. I clicked on your name and was sent to an error message on photobucket. Mineis a yahoo email account,so could help you only with yahoo.
    bottoms up


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