Cindy spanked

Cindy has been stressed lately, and in the mood that things are wrong, as opposed to looking on the bright side of the street.

We have been married for 40 plus years, living in the same house for more than twenty years, and doing little to no renovations, just replacement as needed. However, we did have a new roof, a chimney re-build, purchase a new furnace, air conditioner, some new windows, etc... put the children through university with all the bills paid for them when they graduated,  paid off the mortgage, have good pensions, and travel often.

A damn good life!

After a little meltdown, I got really annoyed, and listed some of our positives. Cindy realized she was wrong, and suggested I spank her, for her venting. i agreed, after asking if she was certain. Retrieving the wooden hair brush, Cindy started exclaiming, no, only your hand.. I disagreed,, reminding her that she had voluntarily once agreed for 20 with the hair brush, simply to be able to read a book while on a cruise ship that she wanted to finish.

I took her by the hand to our spanking chair, and lowered her panties, and then her panties,while she still expressed regret for asking to be spanked. Over the knee, a little massaging of her cute bottom, as I explained a little again of how lucky and happy we are, and then two sharp spanks, and she was  loudly owwing, whereas \i replied that no red had even appeared on her bottom. Eight more spanks were  slow and good spanks to her bottom, with some loud owwws and bemoaning that she was being spanked.
When the ten were done, I permitted her to rise, and she rubbed her bottom, which did not display significant red. Only then did we notice that the window was partially open, and actually some neighbors were sitting in their yard. Maybe they heard, and maybe they didn't.
All has been well since. (Plus we are busy booking vacations
bottoms up


smuccatelli said...

OOPS! Were they looking in your direction or pointing or speaking animatedly?

It DOES seem likely they might have heard...

Anonymous said...

Cindy received a well deserved spanking, but she should have been spanked until her bottom was bright red. Maybe after the 10, you could have used your hand. Also corner time would not hurt her and give her time to think.

Red said...

smuccatelli; it is possible
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone; would love to do as you suggest, but Cindy is ultimately in charge, as everything is consensual
bottoms up