adventurous tuesdays (men as furniture)

You can find numerous photos showing men being posed as a submissive.
Men can be used to place the wine bottle and glass of wine on, while admiring art.

Possibly someone to sit on while putting on stockings 
 A piano bench is unavailable, use a man instead
 or someone to curl up upon while reading a good book
 Somewhere to sit while out in the countryside,, without getting your beautiful clothes dirty
 an exciting way to get a foot massage anyone?
 and the only way to surf the web is to have a soft face to lean against
However, the truly best use is a man rewarding the woman for the pleasure of being furniture
 even if she is studying
 so whether it is one special person you need to be comfortable
or many
enjoy the experience...
The only method we use is Cindy hovering and sometimes grinding over my face while I orally bring her to orgasm.

What have you ever tried?

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

There are some good ideas there, maybe R should try them. So far we have tired only one not listed. I'm on hands and knees, she sits on me while spanking me.

Red said...

archedone; wonderful to be adventurous.
bottoms up

Simcor Devray said...

A fantasy of mine is my naked back used to rest female leather boots on it.

Red said...

simcor; when you find the right woman for you, ask her
bottoms up