6,000,000 page views and counting

If you ever want to start a blog, the first and most important thing is to CREATE  a GREAT title, to a subject that you truly love.
With a title that might be popular, you get many more hits to your blog, than would otherwise occur.
I learned this from a blogger who had a blog entitled " spankedhubby", that was reasonably popular at one time, but is now defunct with almost all posts removed.  I used to lurk at that blog!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals who have dropped by, and hope that at least some of them have been entertained.
The 6 million plus page views is a blogger widget, but something I only put on the blog after a year or so of the blogs existence. Age being what it is, I think it might have started at zero when put on the blog, and thus the page views would be higher. However, it is of NO importance.
I will be slowly, slowing this blog down on posting, as time goes by, to pursue other interests in travel and other activities. I now create in spurts, of a few in a row and postdate them, and then not a clue for a few days of what if anything to post.
Many thanks to my faithful commenters, and readers who drop by regularly.
bottoms up


micheleFFS said...

A good title for the first pic: Skeptical Spectacles.

Well, Red, your blog has been great. I haven't found another I like as well. It's understandable that you'll move on, but thanks for the warning.

Do well and remain obedient!

Simcor Devray said...

Congratulations, Red!

ronnie said...


Congratulations. Here's to your next 6,000,000. Love to stop by here.


Anonymous said...

you are brilliant dont give up here's to the next 6 million!

Spanky said...

Congrats. My little blog is going to take decades to catch up to this!!!! I've learned a lot from reading your blog and will continue to do.

Baxter said...

This is the best spanking blog there is. It is a credit to you that you can continue to come up with blogs that continue to entertain. I have enjoyed it a lot and hope that you continue.

A thought for future blogs might be spanking implements.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Attitude to be discussed picture, this is the reason people view this page, your right on. I recall from this picture, dating an older woman, came back from a night on the town, I was not at my best, she stated several times, something must be done.
She sat not on a crate, but a chair, the hairbrush in hand, I stood there, pants and underpants down, she pulled them down, little discussion, once over her lap I felt the sting of the brush, and was soon crying, pleading, kicking. Went to bed that night, slept on my stomach, in the morning a pillow on the chair for breakfast, and the rules were layed out with a very stern voice.

Anonymous said...

Red, you have a great blog, and I enjoy coming here on a daily basis. For men like me that are spanked it has been very enlightening and fun to read. I'm sure all of us that follow you wish you the best in whatever the future brings you.

Red said...

michelleffs: Thanks . glad you like the blog... I will fade away eventually

simcor and anon: : thanks

Spanky: thanks, and it is a work of enjoyment, just like yours

Baxter: your turn to make a blog, eventually
anon; sounds wonderful
archedone; thanks, I appreciate your daily comments

To everyone: I am not leaving quite yet, and will work in bursts, but have planned some long vacations, so I will not fill each day of my absences as \i used to
bottoms up
Ronnie: thanks, and \i love your blog, and reading about your naughty ways...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! My Blog just hit 3 million. Six million blows by mind.

Baxter said...

Red, I am not a likely one to start a blog. I am still working, about seven years to start collecting my pension and eight years to social security. In the mean time, I am working 9-10 hour days. Gotta pay off the mortgage etc. Ya know that pesky stuff.