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So many sites abound on the internet, that I sometimes wonder why I bother saving any photos to use on this blog. Maybe I should spank myself and show pictures, but I prefer to show my version of selfies.
Here is Kailee spanking herself
I wonder if she uses both hands
these photos were found on

and this tumblr has been in existence since early 2012. You can i;magine how many spanking photos
One question: if anyone knows where you could purchase a hair brush like shown in the above photo, do let everyone know. It is awesomely frightening.
and videos, (one of self spanking.. yummy.. wish i could help her

if the above did not work,here is a link
so go visit for every spanking scenario: f/m f/f, m/f and m/m
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f/m thoughts for today

Thought for today, and everyday whenever you misbehave
now take your clothes off
now come here over my knee
one well spanked bottom iswell deserved
and then time to reflect
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adventurous Tuesdays (rimming / rimshot / anilingus) and a poll

Not for everyone that is certain, but I enjoy kissing Cindy's bottom, and licking in between the cheeks. I cannot really understand why I enjoy it, but just the abnormal perversion in me, and I imagine the submissive side raising it's head (or shall I say raising it's tongue).
So many beach pictures abound on the internet, which to me at least suggest (wishfully) kissing and wishfully spanking the woman's bottom.

In our relationship, Cindy always bathes before we make love, so this area of her bottom would be absolutely clean.
Cindy does not permit me to do this very often, and if permitted, only for a very very short few seconds.
Many, if not almost all portrayals are in a dominant submissive setting, but this might slowly change as simply another little fleeting erotic thrill. Pegging is now often presented as sensual, and always should have been portrayed this way.  As the fear of homosexuality diminishes, then the enjoyment of pegging increases for a woman to be pegging a man. To be pegged does not make one a homosexual!
Maybe the next time you are orally satisfying your partner
 Change the position a little and delve further and deeper
While we go through life
and being consensual, rimming works both ways
 grab hold while you rim
 the Area below the balls, and above the asshole, is supposedly very sensuous for a male
 and if you like it, go all out
more photos of this nature are available at
and if you like the noise of a rimshot
click this link http://instantrimshot.com/index.php?sound=rimshot&play=true
but beware, as this video shoot shows

A question:
Why are women displaying their beautiful bottoms if not to be kissed, and possibly spanked
bottom shelves are truly worthwhile, and sometimes magical
hopefully she enjoys orally pleasing you also, and you orally pleasing her
Kiss my Ass

Have you ever

kissed your partner's bottom
licked your partner's bottom
experimented with anilingus on your partner
all of the above
none of the above
 Current Results
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I had these two gifs, but could not save them to put them in the posting, so posted this a few minutes early


she is in control us

Another tumblr that you might enjoy visiting that has great photos (I did not remember I already posted about this site, but great pictures so this post will remain)
She is enjoying staring at your expression, while you gulp looking at the lethal strap
She might admire her implement, while you quiver
She might look at your surprise as you see her sitting onthe spnaking chair, as she casually removes her sandal to use on your bottom
the paddle awaits
 the slipper awaits
 the belt is doubled
the paddle awaits as she calls you to your fate 
she si so enjoying this moment
 a look of disdain as you bare your bottom before her
she is REALLY going to enjoy this
she even put up balloons to  celebrate

THE SITE TO VISIT IS: http://sheisincontrolus.tumblr.com/

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humorous eclectic F/M sundays

Well, a few from my collection
 I would always lose this bet....
and then
She can enjoy having you kneeling naked at her feet
 she decides if you have behaved well enough to be able to go out to your activities
or that you should stay home and entertain her friends
 and play a new rendition of musical chairs
where you will be owwwing as you  move from lap to lap
and always remember
his erection is always useful
and if the man is ever bossy and say: make me a sandwich, wife!
so, as you peruse my blog, remember this about me
 what a lovely place to work
and would love to come home to either this 
or this
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