spanked again

It is always useful to give or receive  a spanking before guests arrive that are going to stay with us. In our household, I am almost always the receiver.

The spanking serves the purpose of reducing Cindy's stress, caused somewhat because I occasionally get over tired and do not re-act charmingly forever.

This spanking was to do that!. Cindy would be able to be somewhat miffed at something I did in the near future, and she would subtly let me know that I have just used up the one spanking I had already received, so smarten up before I start earning future spankings.
The spanking was relaxed (at least for Cindy), with me bare bottomed over her knee, while she used the bath brush extremely effectively. My feet did a wee jig, and I was very thankful when the spanking ended. I thanked her for the spanking, and when permitted to look in a mirror the red surrounded a gray area on each cheek, showing how effectively Cindy had spanked.
The soreness remained for the remainder of the day, and some red appeared on my bottom when I showered the next day.

We were both more relaxed, and I am thankful I have such a wonderful wife.

bottoms up


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Anonymous said...

J. enjoyed the second picture (it turns out that she has a very similar dress - and has spanked me many times in that position :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you received an attitude adjustment spanking, they are always helpful. When we first started spanking it was usually to help my stress but in time we found out if R is stressed, her spanking me will help her stress also. I hope things with your company go well.

Red said...

L: glad to make J happy

Archedone: everything went wonderfully well.thanks spankings reduce everyone's stress

Doc: you are welcome
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Including tonight! :-)