Rihanna (S & M) Madonna (Hanky Panky), Victorian Age ideas in England means Kate Middleton in bloomers

Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me. This is part of the lyrics in Rihanna's song S & M
You can watch this song on YouTube
Be certain to watch it in full screen mode, where she deliciously starts to eat a peeled banana, where you see reporters with ball gags, tape being applied as  a mouth gag (and then kissing the person), blow -up dolls being humped, bondage, and many other kinks.

Brings back fond memories of Madonna, when she was shaking the prudes from the branches with "like a virgin",
but better yet, the famous "HANKY PANKY" from 1990

I just want your hand, somewhere on my behind, treat like I'm a bad girl.... 
even when I am good to you, i don't want you to thank me, just SPANK ME!

That song really brought my spanking fetish to full bloom.

so, with that little walk down memory lane, a little kerfuffle has arisen  in JOLLY OLDE ENGLAND over this poster. You can read more about it here:
but they are claiming that it is sexually suggestive.

REALLY, is that why women wear PERFUME!!!!!  I never knew that :)

and I always thought it was to mask unpleasant odors as existed in the middle ages when bathing was once a month...

And what would a woman do with a man she has attracted wearing perfume... probably she would now have a companion to go have high tea with the Queen!!!

My kind of girl...

I doubt Rihanna could have asked for more publicity for her line of perfume, that the "Advertising Standards Authority says poster can only be displayed in areas where it is unlikely to be seen by children"

Have the ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY" never heard of the Internet. Probably every male child with internet access will search and find the advertisement, and most will say: "So What Is Wrong with this "

Who know where this may end... WILL KATE MIDDLETON have to start wearing BLOOMERS

bottoms up


  1. Hi Red,

    That madonna video was my favourite!

    What was Kate thinking? By all means she should wear undies, or at least have weights sewn into her hems like the Queen does.


    1. Hermione: As you, I loved the Madonna video, but I disagree regarding Kate. She should be her own person, and in the stifling atmosphere of royalty, wearing a thong or going commando is maybe her little rebellion. As her son grows older, and as she grows older, she may change her ways, but for now, enjoy life.
      bottoms up

  2. I'm currently having a bit of a disagreement with an admirer of Kate's about whether that pic (and some others) are Photoshopped as she can't believe her beloved Kate would ever either go commando or wear a thong. I think at least that last one is real. And I greatly appreciate it... ;-)

    1. Smuccatelli: I do NOT believe that they are Photoshopped.
      I assume you have seen the swim suit photos of Kate
      bottoms up


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