Over My Knee young lady

Tumblrs come and go, but this one has been posting photos of ladies being spanked, and of their spanked bottoms, since 2010.
 some show women enjoying being spanked
 some show the result of being spanked
and some show less pleasure for the woman being spanked

some show age play
and others simple acceptance
but all show beautiful women's bottoms
and remember
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Always looking for ways to stay young, a woman's desire. An older woman I'm seeing found out recently that with that desire, and acting at times like a little girl, a spanking will happen. The first time I put her over my lap, she giggled and thought it was fun, until her panties were pulled down and off and her beautiful bare bottom was filling the sting of my hand. I so enjoyed her rubbing her bottom afterwards, and having that pout look on her face. I stood up and with another swat to her bare bottom had her face the wall like a naughty little girl. I left the room and when I returned, naked, erect she said she would be a good little girl and removed the rest of her clothing and proved how good she could be. I must admit her red bottom was very helpful and she enjoyed me rubbing it while we had a great afternoon.

Red said...

anon: sounds delightful.. thanks for sharing
bottoms up