no panty day (a different take)

The above picture is from http://ronniesoul.blogspot.com/2014/06/no-panties.html , where you can read the comments of many more ladies than I have on this blog.

My comment was as follows:

Just a fun idea to add unexpected spice to life. Whispering in your partner's ear that you are commando, might just lead to a romantic follow-up, on the spot (or soon after in a quiet place) fondling, and if lucky a spanking to boot.

Wearing a dress for a naughty picture outdoors would definitely lead to an exciting evening, and the picture(s) would be fun to look at in the years to come.

Maybe ask your readers for the outcome of their adventure for a future posting.

PS: i take nude or just topless photos of Cindy in many wonderful locations around the world, and it is great fun to look back at. (but we don't post the photos)

I thought a few more photos would be fun
 whereas you might be expecting photos like this
This young woman might find out that although she is over 18, she will from now on be spanked by her mother 
 and if caught without panties outdoors, then she can show off her bottom while it is being spanked
 and the panties that had been carried in her purse, can now be moved to her knees to restrict her feet from kicking
and beware what happens if she uses naughty words
enjoy the day without panties....
 just another reason why women should wear dresses
 specially in humid weather
 dare your husband to see if you are wearing panties
 make shopping much more enjoyable for him while you shop for shoes
 or browse a flea market
 and lunch becomes so much more enticing than normal at the food court
bottoms up

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