men have little chance of avoiding being spanked

Here is one that has a no win scenario, unless you like women's breasts, and being spanked
where did you look first?
 and when you wear see-through, we immensely enjoy the view
the inevitable
and with spring in full bloom, and summer approaching, woman's attire will become even more alluring.
bottoms up


  1. Our receptionist always wears shirts that allow viewing her cleavage and I always try to look her in the eyes, but I have to say that her cleavage draws my eyes away very quickly. She also has a very spankable bottom so she is great to feast eyes on whether sitting or walking away. There are other women at work that show deep cleavage so try as I might my eyes do go there first or second, depending.

    1. Baxter: life is difficult, specially when women dress to be admired, and show alluring parts. Quick glances are always wonderful.
      bottoms up


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