arrogant women (georgeous strict looking women) site to visit

A new use for those old computer attachments
however, at times
they also need to be put in their place
and these ladies seem just in the mood
that the computer technicians comments 
while fixing your computer were definitely arrogant
as he was soon to find out
 and then bent over for a good dose of the strap and then the canes

if you like this style of woman  then be certain to visit


PS: I would call these women gorgeously strict

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I get so many good ideas tunning into your site each and every morning....trouble is, is that my hsuband tunes in also. For some reason I have been finding myself on the receiving side lately......Cheryl

Michael M said...

Thanks for the great tumblr site. Will certainly use some of these down the line.

Red said...

Cheryl: well, today's post might be an inspiration for you. Glad you and husband like the blog
bottoms up

Red said...

Michael M: you are welcome
bottoms up