adventurous Tuesdays: playing with the family jewels YIKES

This is another area we have never dabbled in. However, Ronnie did post about having her pussy being gently spanked, and loving it. You can read about it here...

Let me pre-amble that Cindy is exceptionally meek when touching the family jewels, when making love, and I have to encourage her to be a little stronger.

We have never tried any of these photos, but just the thought  (GENTLY DONE) of the dominant submissive fantasy is interesting.

if you have PLAYED this way, what recommendations might you have.

Do you recommend a couple of gentle slaps before going OTK, because you have an erection from the idea of being disciplined
A fine way to scare the spankee: that any implement I use will first visit your erection
YIKES... this would be a way of pointing out how small this will be after I have finished caning your bottom
This one is frightening, because until he turns around, their is no way with the furniture present to cane his bottom. However, we can imagine he  is being informed how this has done his thinking for him, and thus he will now be caned because of it
How about a little playful spanking of the jewels to spur on his oral skills and enthusiasm
You can just here her saying" now which side of the brush was I going to use on which side of your body... the bristles on your cock, or the wood on your bottom
twosomes can be frightening, one picing his nipples, while the other hand spanks his jewels

but saving the best for last this one looks like nice play, little flicks of the wrist spanks on his erection, without suitable dominant to submissive discussion.
let all of us know about your fun activities
bottoms up


smuccatelli said...

Oh, none of that shit! Spanking is one thing, spanking the "monkey" is something else entirely...

In the last pic, it almost looks like he had another cock sewn to the one he already had, like some kind of extension. What's up with that?

Baxter said...

this is right up there with face slapping. NOT interested. R has hit my erections a few times, but no enjoyment for me.

MRBILL said...

Bring it on! I love it when my wife whips my cock with her leather belt or flogger. She has also slapped my balls a few times to drive me to orgasm.
She was concerned at first about slapping my cock too hard, but I told her that as long as it is erect, keep on hitting it!

Anonymous said...

For me, I am surprised that I like having my balls whipped (within reason). The riding crop works well. She likes to tie them up, and to pull on the tie - also pretty cool.

Spanking the penis is less fun, and the head of the penis definitely no fun at all. I love the intensity of the bottom side of BDSM, but have limits.



Anonymous said...

My penis is the first thing that my wife addresses prior to spanking. I'm erect, can't help it, and so she takes me to the bathroom and with a wash towel strokes it slowly at first, then very hard, it hurts, and soon I come. I'm the one who cleans my mess, and must be quick about it. Then with a hard spank to my bare bottom back to the bedroom and once over her lap, I know the spanking is going to hurt. Being spanked after that it always does and she knows relieving me of my erection the spanking will gets it point across. Jacob

Anonymous said...

I walked into the kitchen one morning, seeing an older lady, thought she would enjoy something different. She smiled and is a laughing way said " what a naughty little boy. I smiled and bent down to give her a kiss and she gently took hold of my penis and was stroking it so gently. I stood up and she took a napkin and for a long time I enjoyed how soft her hands were and soon I came into the napkin. She stood up and ask if I enjoyed it, I said yes, then it all changed, rules in this household is pj's or other clothing in the kitchen. I stepped back, but she took hold of my arm and quickly sat back down and I was across her lap. Her hand began to rain on my bare bottom and it stung. I was soon squirming, kicking my feet and finally crying like a little boy. Her soft hands were no longer soft and it landed hard and fast on my bare bottom. When she stood me up I quickly was rubbing a very sore bottom and she said next time my stroking will be harder. I stood looking at her and could say nothing. There have been other spankings, and I have learned once the erection is gone, the spanking hurts worse, don't know why and yes her strokes are harder and I come quicker and worse of all the spankings last longer.

Anonymous said...

We have not tried penis or ball spanking. But a few times prior to spanking she has snapped the head of my penis with her finger to make it go down. What she likes to do is what we call putting my balls in bondage. Using string she will wrap it around my balls until they are very tight in my sac.

ronnie said...

Interesting. I've read some men like their balls slapped when OTK of their women.


Red said...

Many opinions on this adventure:

smuccatelli: the last photo looks a little manipulated, but that if gently could be fun, but none of the other, except as a little threat saying that this erection will be long gone before I finish thrashing you.

Baxter: agreed, except as I mentioned above

Mr. Bill: different strokes for different folks.. slapping might not be too bad.

Rosco: enjoy the activities, specially since you talk and set limits with your wife

Jacob: exactly the same as Ronnie wrote on her blog two days ago. Milking before a spanking takes most if not all of the sexual pleasure out of a spanking

anon: thanks for sharing

archedone: OUCH!!!

Ronnie: I have never really explored the subject, but did find it interesting. Hope some of my readers went to read of your adventure

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to photo #6. I like her smile and I know she enjoys her work. But I also like photo #8 because, well... look at her. Matt

Red said...

Matt: I am partial to number 8 also, the view is great, plus little love taps could be enjoyable.. at least this man is enjoying himself.
bottoms up