(adventurous tuesdays) men nipple play as part of makng love

The statement that never too old to learn new tricks certainly applies in this case.
When first Cindy started kissing
or slightly nibbling
and licking
while fondling my erection
really, a man's nipples can give pleasure with hot breath
a loving hand, and naked breasts gently brushing your chest
and alternating between his breasts and his erection orally
consider trying it sometime.... It helps if the male moans just a little, releasing a nice added vibration. It may take a few separate times for the wonderful feelings to emerge, but it is worth it.
bottoms up


Rich Spankman said...

This is so HOT, I thought my monitor was going to BURN up !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

R has been licking, kissing and sucking my nipples for years. It's a great experience. Moaning? How can you not moan when something feels so good.

Red said...

Rich: I am increasingly enjoying these type of photos
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: lucky man, as am I
bottoms up