adventurous Tuesdays (face slapping)

This is  something we have never tried, but many of my readers may have seen this episode of Mad Men!

The scene is very hot!!!!


It is another area to possibly explore, in your relationship!
Maybe sometime when a spanking cannot occur
 or if he talks back about not believing he should be spanked
Just the pose is daunting
 A small smack demonstrates who is in charge
Knowing what the hand is about to do has a fearful future
specially if he is already on his knees
and  this means you are in deep trouble when you get home
but we avoid BDSM scenarios..
Any comments: have you ever slapped the face of your partner, or been slapped in the face by your partner. If yes, please elaborate on the circumstances.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

michelleFFS here.I don't like face slapping. It's a turn-off to me. No fantasies, let alone reality. To me, it's too much like real anger and abuse.

I speak only for myself, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Never! That's what the "nether cheeks" are for !


Anonymous said...

I agree with Michelle and J. Face slapping is not a turn on at all and I wouldn't do it to my wife and she wouldn't do it to me as it seems abusive. Much rather the energy be tuned into my bottom when over her knee or any any other position.

Anonymous said...

Different "strokes" for different folks. I have never been slapped by my wife or anybody since I was a kid, but the idea is a great turn-on for me. When a woman slaps a man she demonstrates her domination and ownership. I love the idea. A man should never slap a woman, but it is her prerogative to let him know who is boss and shouldn't hesitate to let him know in no uncertain terms.


Anonymous said...

We both agree ! We would never think of J.slapping L's face - and would concur that her energy should instead be applied to his derrière - as it regularly is :-)

J. & L.

Anonymous said...

Another no here. For us face slapping belongs in the area of abuse. She can slap my bottom with what ever she wishes and I'll present it for such slapping. R feels the same way.

Red said...

michelleFFS: I totally agree that it is abuse, and we do NOT do it.

J: definitely only the bottom cheeks can be swatted

baxter: definitely agree

ds: as you say , different strokes for different folks, but no t a turn on evne imagining for me.

Archedone: definitely agree with you

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

No to face slapping not sexy or fun! Bottoms for spanking etc only!

Red said...

anon: agreed
bottoms up