look again (optical illusions)

What you see first
 the view
 have fun
laugh at yourself occasionally

 priorities, however
 and in case you have neck problems, here are some exercises turning your neck gently
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spanked again

It is always useful to give or receive  a spanking before guests arrive that are going to stay with us. In our household, I am almost always the receiver.

The spanking serves the purpose of reducing Cindy's stress, caused somewhat because I occasionally get over tired and do not re-act charmingly forever.

This spanking was to do that!. Cindy would be able to be somewhat miffed at something I did in the near future, and she would subtly let me know that I have just used up the one spanking I had already received, so smarten up before I start earning future spankings.
The spanking was relaxed (at least for Cindy), with me bare bottomed over her knee, while she used the bath brush extremely effectively. My feet did a wee jig, and I was very thankful when the spanking ended. I thanked her for the spanking, and when permitted to look in a mirror the red surrounded a gray area on each cheek, showing how effectively Cindy had spanked.
The soreness remained for the remainder of the day, and some red appeared on my bottom when I showered the next day.

We were both more relaxed, and I am thankful I have such a wonderful wife.

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more tumblrs to visit

No real time to write about spankings in our life...
so am simply posting some links
 to more tumblr spanking sites
that have some new pictures that I have not seen before
 This following sequence
 certainly shows a lot of different positions
that can be used in one spanking
 She can even enjoy her coffee
 while enjoying spanking his bottom
 One site is http://surrenderdx.tumblr.com
  and when you see this picture, my advice is to run!!!
 too late
 Showing you the hand that spanks is absolutely DELIGHTFUL
 another site is http://ladieswhospank.tumblr.com
and this lady is doing an excellent job
enjoy the views
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old fashion spankings

You may be like me:  where your fascination with spanking started a long time ago.

The site I am recommending today is  http://suburbanspanking.tumblr.com

 A great site to find many of these old pictures that were in magazines so long ago
 and were a delight when you found a store that sold them
 Do you remember wearing bell bottom pants?
 The stockings of the ladies almost all the same length, so they are heavier at the top
 The clothing and the hair styles
 The bare bottoms that were obviously totally covered at the beach
 the suspenders ot hold up the stockings
and the adult totally taking advantage of this fair maiden..
enjoy viewing
 lovely bottoms
 the hair style
the above was from Swish magazine - 1970s I remember that magazine
 sorry.. no F/M, but two years of great photos
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arrogant women (georgeous strict looking women) site to visit

A new use for those old computer attachments
however, at times
they also need to be put in their place
and these ladies seem just in the mood
that the computer technicians comments 
while fixing your computer were definitely arrogant
as he was soon to find out
 and then bent over for a good dose of the strap and then the canes

if you like this style of woman  then be certain to visit


PS: I would call these women gorgeously strict

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