females being birched

What is sauce for the gander, is also sauce for the goose
First, one should display the birch, so that the lady can anticipate a little what is to follow
and maybe take her gently over your knee, where she can vocalize her pleasure(?)
however, if using the bed, be certain to use pillows to raise her bottom(and let me at least imagine that this is Ronnie being birched in her Directoire underwear)
Standing has it's own dubious rewards
but bent over a chair is truly frightening this woman
some take their birching while crying out
whereas some know they need and agree to be tied down so as to experience the full spankng without fleeing
three more great birching photos
 and as you see the birch certainly gets a reaction
 and it cannot help but also spank the upper thighs
and those directoire knickers certainly look great when displaying a reddened well birched bottom
 but as usual, the man should be spanked afterwards
 bottoms up



Baxter said...

Never been birched but looks like a fun time for the spanker. Always good for the spankee to have their bottom elevated when lying on a bed. Love those directoire knickers.

Red said...

Baxter: I have never been birched either, and I agree that raising the bottom when lying on a bed is necessary for a more effective spanking
bottoms up

paul said...

i also have never been birched dont think i could take it! but i am sometimes caned hard and fast over the knee with short thin cane very intense has me kicking and howling!