adventurous Tuesdays (shaving or waxing for women and men)

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I would somewhat assume that most people who are reading this blog, know of the trend to trim public hair.

This is somewhat akin to the humor:

                   "Grandma always said to marry a woman with small hands."

                   "She said it will make your dick look bigger!!!"

Could we say the same with little hair surrounding the main attraction!

and now consider how a thoughtful wife can help you
or you could do it yourself
needless to say
of course, some women might prefer a professional
 but really, who wants  a lot of hair (This woman likes what she sees)
and this man can really enjoy the delights of the woman
without massive amounts of hair in between
 so enjoy being without hair
And if not convinced, at least consider trimming,

Consider what the past used to be like, and at least NEATLY TRIM THE HAIR
and remember, my eyes are up here
and now a poll                                      

Your pubic hair

have you ever done the following

Had a brazilian wax (no hair whatsoever
had a waxing of some of the pubic hair
trimmed some of your pubic hair
shaved your pubic area
all of the above
 Current Results

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Anonymous said...

I discovered I prefer getting waxed because the regrowth is soft and not itchy or prickly

Anonymous said...

I shave my pubic area every other day. My wife loves the smooth soft pubic area.
She is also shaved.

spanked_husband said...

I shave my pubic area (including the shaft of my penis) daily . . . That is simply how my wife prefers it. It is not even something I have to think about. When I shower I shave down below first, then my face. Every day, without fail.

Red said...

anon: I may try it!
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: I did like the feel when shaved
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Red said...

seems like a reasonable thing to do, and i just have to decide whether to wax or shave.
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Anonymous said...

I have shaved my pubic area and I think my wife passively like is - sly comments. I like shaving away the grays and it makes me feel a little sexier. Although shaving your balls is like shaving 6 chins! Matt

Red said...

Matt: very true, I found it sexier, and do not enjoy seeing the occasional grey hair there
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Anonymous said...

After many cardiac surgeries where they usually only shave one half of the pubic hair, which I think looks silly, I began to do the whole jungle my self or actually get my wife to do it for me. The only drawback is that occasionally she likes to display her handiwork when she has a friend over for coffee. and cake in the evening.
Most of her friends like to tease me about looking so young "Down there" and now some, especially her sisters, have begun to ask how things are growing which usually ends with my wife pulling my shorts and undies down to my ankles so they can see.

Red said...

daniel: seems like your wife should be spanked,occasionally, if it is consensual
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Me spank her ?