a little behind in this posting

Well, actually a posting of beautiful bottoms!! Remeber tosmile before presenting your bottom to be spanked
 remember this one thing about me
being spanked on tippee toes is delightful
and a thought worth pondering
Be delightfully placed on a chair to be chastised (and love it)
 or on a sofa
 and yes, I am
Simply lovely
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Female bottoms are lovely. These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and I could look at them for a long time. but they all look naughty and as beautiful as they are presented pre-spanking, they will look equally beautiful with pink and red hues after a good spanking. Great post and excellent pictures.

Anonymous said...

Good pictures Red. They show a true spanko being happy to present their bottoms for spanking. I agree with Baxter they are beautiful but would look so much better with a nice red hue.

Red said...

baxter: lovely indeed, and the thought of s panking these lovely bottom sis enthralling
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: sounds like a plan, just how would we manage to be able to spank them
bottoms up