A wooden hair brush is essential when traveling

6 Must-Haves for Your Carry-on Bag

by Christopher Hall | AARP | November 21, 2013
We couldn't agree more! When traveling, nerves sometimes get frayed,and any problem can quickly be spanked away without any danger to the hand of your partner. 

Here is the link to the entire article

Thanks to Baxter for sending this to me. Probably he should get a good boy spanking as a reward.
 and someone to watch just for the embarrassment
 bottoms up
 and the paddle when home from the vacation


cornertime after being spanked (for both men and women)

Two day's ago post was bare bottoms before being spanked

Yesterday's post was bare bottom being spanked

So it is only fitting that we see spanked bottoms today!
If you do cornertime,  are you permitted to touch and sooth your bottom like this lady?
 must you have your hands on your head
 or even worse lean forward displaying your spanked bottom more prominently
head bowed?
 arms in front to hold your self
 and just what this fellow be holding
 you could always send  me a photo like this, no one would ever know, except you and your partner. I think it would give a thrill to know so many people have seen your spanked bottom!
 hold the implement against your bottom to clearly remind you of what had happened
 This man is being prevented from any unnecessary hand movements
be careful all of those fingers are visible, if only one, you will be spanked again, harder
 this photo is clearly showing a regular person, not a paid model, so that we can all see her spanked bottom, but not ever guess who she is
another man having been well spanked

and spanking occurs in many cultures
 but the worried look when told I think you still need to be spanked more is heard
 or the friend that drops by and realizes you are going to be spanked must be pricelss
 but a man and a woman that are spanked together must truly have been a treat
and lastly, our favorite spanker posing with delight beside the most recent person she has spanked
Feel free to send me a photo of your spanked bottom, without any identifying features of your face!
bottoms up


spanking photos

after the bottom has been bared
 so many positions
 to choose from
time to assess the redness
 and then decide to  keep on spanking
  and so many implements available
bottoms up


About to be spanked (men photos at the end)

I am not certain about you, but when I happen to look at a site with women posing without clothes, some of the photos showing their bare bottoms makes me imagine the joy of spanking them

for today
 she is meekly waiting
 and this lady is being bared for the continuation of the spanking
is she running to, or away from her spanking?
 and before and after photo are wonderful
 and if any ladies are still looking at this post, men can also be waiting for their spanking
 possibly awaiting the belt
 having been told to undress and wait facing the wall (in a very small apartment

bottoms up


adventurous Tuesdays (shaving or waxing for women and men)

Please vote in the poll at the end of this post....

I would somewhat assume that most people who are reading this blog, know of the trend to trim public hair.

This is somewhat akin to the humor:

                   "Grandma always said to marry a woman with small hands."

                   "She said it will make your dick look bigger!!!"

Could we say the same with little hair surrounding the main attraction!

and now consider how a thoughtful wife can help you
or you could do it yourself
needless to say
of course, some women might prefer a professional
 but really, who wants  a lot of hair (This woman likes what she sees)
and this man can really enjoy the delights of the woman
without massive amounts of hair in between
 so enjoy being without hair
And if not convinced, at least consider trimming,

Consider what the past used to be like, and at least NEATLY TRIM THE HAIR
and remember, my eyes are up here
and now a poll                                      

Your pubic hair

have you ever done the following

Had a brazilian wax (no hair whatsoever
had a waxing of some of the pubic hair
trimmed some of your pubic hair
shaved your pubic area
all of the above
 Current Results

and if you  would like another take on the topic, visit nick's blog


bottoms up