The Second Coming

A young Catholic girl went to confession and said to the priest, "I'm pregnant." 

He asked, "How did this happen, my child?" 

She said, "I think it must have been the second coming." 

The priest, shocked by this reply, asked, "What makes you think this has anything to do with the Second Coming?" 

She replied, "Because I swallowed the first one!!"

Thought I would try humor to start your day. It is healthy to smile and enjoy life...
However, sending this to your wife, if she doesn't approve, might having her waiting at the door
then sitting, waiting for you to bare your bottom

 even being unhappy with your very red bottom
and only the paddle will suffice to alleviate her unhappiness
unfortunately, you sent it to her sister, who wants a few whacks at your bottom
A smile a day is worthwhile
bottoms up


Baxter said...

That was funny. Great pix of women just waiting to spank male naughty bottoms.

Anonymous said...

Love that one Red very funny, but some women would not agree and would feel a well spanked bottom would be in order. If you were to send it to your wife and her sister you could be across both their laps at the same time getting double spanked at once. I'm not really sure if that would be all that bad.

Red said...

baxter: glad you liked it
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: live the dream
bottoms up