The joys of the beach

I enjoy looking at women enjoy showing.... so beachwear is becoming more fabulous every year!!!
Besides being able to absorb sunshine (wearing a lot of suntan lotion I hope)
 One can always get exercise strolling along the beach
 or simply enjoy reclining on a blanket resting on the sand
Friends are always nearby to talk to
 and more arrive as the day goes on
 So I have been working on my bucket list (one beer at a time)
and having lots of happy times

but still, visiting beaches in Europe are more fun
photos come from the internet public domain 

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bottoms up


Baxter said...

Yes female bottoms are an absolute delight to look at. There are several women in my office that have exceptional bottoms, albeit, in jeans or other slacks, but nevertheless very interesting to look at. one woman I was able to walk behind several times the other day, as we were going in the same general direction and her bottom is so so sexy. Another regularly shows buttcrack due to her lowrise jeans. We will be visiting the beaches in the Netherlands in a couple of months and yes will be viewing topless women and other very sexy women with their bottoms on display.

Red said...

baxter: do have a wonderful time. Where in the Netherlands do you go?
bottoms up