sixties curriculum for girls in the UK

Well, I don't know if this is fictional for fun, or factual (for hilarity)....

Can you even imagine this being true.
Definitely not Cindy's lifestyle!
I certainly prefer the modern woman
 who have a take charge attitude

and many women are willing to follow through when necessary.
with multiple implements
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Amazing reading. I cannot imagine actually expecting my wife to do that. we go to bed about the same time in various stages of undress, working around each other in the bathroom, and plop into the never made bed and kiss and exchange I love yous and then roll over, her to the Kindle and me to whatever magazine is on my stand. I enjoy the liberated woman that I married. And yes whenever I want or need it, she obliges with paddle, belt or spoon and spanks me thoroughly. She very rarely lets me spank her. Can you imagine the author of that first piece reading this? HA

Red said...

Baxter: times and values have changed, all for the better concerning the role of a woman in a marriage, but only in western thinking individuals, no t religious fundamentalists.
bottoms up