a fun day at the beach and on board the ship

Just a simple post to enhance male enjoyment for today..

If you get caught staring for too long,
 or trying to catch a photo of the whale in the distance(see the minute splash in the water
and one from the internet
it will always end up

being spanked
well the day
just keeps getting better and better
bottoms up

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Anonymous said...

The picture standing facing the couch, my girlfriend had me stand there displaying my red bottom. What I did not know was her mother was coming over, and when she walked in I never felt more little than then. But it got worse, her mother said not bad, but let me show you the proper way. No pleading, begging, helped I was soon across her mother lap and sure enough I got spanked the proper way. Results was dancing around the room afterwards, back to the position I was in prior to her arrival. Talk about a bare bottom on fire and stinging.