thoughts for today

Another collection garnered from tumblrs...
thus, remember
 so... as the lady states
 so,shall we get started
a bottom nicely bared for the upraised hair brush
 the downstroke looks  like it  will pack a wwallop
 with many more to come
 and reward your partner after you have been spanked... the taste is deilicious
bottoms up


we are back

Some people wonder why we go on vacations so often in winter!
whereas this might be another inducement: the beach and sand and the views are spectacular
whereas outside our house
ah!!!! the joys of putting on sunscreen
but never leave home without appropriate implements
 and the photos you take
have the double benefit of being beautiful, and giving your partner another reason to spank you
yes, delightful
and remember
 and no amount of sunscreen will deter your bottom from becoming very very RED
bottoms up


fun thoughts on tee-shirts for today

Imagine coming home, and seeing what your partner is wearing!!!
 and then she proceeds to do exactly that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never used twitter, but for those who do, here looks like a wonderful site to follow

pleasant dreams
bottoms up


a reason to be spanked

Here is your morning smile, so enjoy
 with the appropriate look, and the command to take your clothes off
and being lead to your spanking
and being held in place while first being spanked by the hand
and then the bath brush
followed by the paddle
Remember, keep smiling and enjoy life...
bottoms up


only one of these is too short

I thought I would repeat the post about short clothing! (wishing i had taken the photos)
 cute, but needing to be spanked
 display your bottom outdooors
 thus, be spanked outdoors
a fun time for the audience
 and the spanker
 moon the camera
leads to mooning the spanker
perfectly delightful
specially when awaiting a spanking
our shopping with a friend 
 spanked when at home
posing for the camera
posing outdoors for the belt

now that is too short.... definitely
properly spanked
bottoms up


Kinky Mondays

This might be frightful for some men, even if their wife said:
It might be frightful for the woman also, changing her idea of her man...
but they could be fetchingly offered to you
or you could be told you lost the bet so put them on...

So, for kinky Mondays question 

for the ladies: Would you ask your husband to wear panties at least once?

The question for men: would you put them on if asked?

For those men that are spanked, the question might evolve to a simple statement!!!!
Who knows where it might led to

and even being spanked in this attire
bottoms up