We are back

Just a little post, letting readers know we have returned from a fabulous 21 day Caribbean cruise.
So I thought first I would post a photo of my back, and actually you can see Cindy's shadow...
 There was quite a bit of spanking during our vacation, as I was spanked on five (might have been six) different occasions, so here is a photo after one of the spankings.
The spankings had hard slow spanks with a hair brush, bare bottomed over the knee, with the door  of the cabin locked, and music playing quite loud on the television.

Cindy's spanking was also with the hair brush, for twenty spanks, that had her feeling every spank, as they were meant to be felt for her poor behavior in one instance. You will not see, however, any photos of Cindy.

My spankings were usually in the forty to fifty or more hard, slow spanks, which we are quite aware could be heard if someone was walking by the cabin... but Cindy also was lecturing so that anyone stopping to listen would know who was the spanker, and who was the person being spanked.

Life is short, so make certain you do things every day that you enjoy!!! We are trying our best.

I am almost finished replying to everyone who has posted a comment while we have been on vacation!
bottoms up



Sounds like an excellent holiday. Welcome back.


sub hub in phx said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Congratulations and welcome back.

Baxter said...

Glad to hear you are back without some nasty illness. Also great to hear that Cindy kept you well spanked on the vacation as us guys are always doing some naughty to gain a red bottom. We are going to Paris and Amsterdam in June and R has already planned on my wearing a belt which will be handy for her to keep me in line.

Hermione said...

I'm glad you are both back, safe and sound, and your ship didn't sink, run aground, flip over, or give you tummy troubles.


juliesp said...

That bottom is WAY too white. I think a little spanking before hitting the nude beach would have been great fun!

Anonymous said...

I like the position of the left hand. Just right to throw an interesting shadow. Cute.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back you and Cindy were missed. Sounds like you had a great cruise, not like what we are hearing about them on the news. And Cindy did her part and kept you in line and well spanked, but personally I don't think she had your bottom red enough. And seeing your bottom I can see why Cindy loves spanking you so much. I bet she smiles through an entire spanking.

Anonymous said...

Red I forgot to add, I love the pink panties you have on. I don't have a pair that color I'll have to look for some.

Red said...

pref: it was a wonderful vacation, avoiding the cold fronts at home
sub hub: thanks
Hermione:all was well, and with so many cruise ships out there, it stands to reason that one will have a problem now and then..
juliesp: rather too private to display a red bottom on the beach, but maybe if we ever attend a spanking party
anon: thanks for the comment, i never saw that until you mentioned it.... had only looked at Cindy's shadow
archedone: yes, we heard of one ship having the bad virus, but fortunately not us, pink and white from Victoria Secret.. fun to purchase, and fun to wear....
Brings up the idea that you should always have clean underwear in case you are in an accident and are taken to the hospital... my answer is that there would be more to worry about than someone seeing panties, if I am taken to the hospital.
bottoms up to everyone

ronnie said...

Happy to hear your are both back safe and sound. Lovely view:)


Red said...

ronnie: blue skies, blue clear water, white sand (and sometimes black sand), warm 80 degree weather! what more can a person ask for... glad you like the view.... We should meet up with you and P sometime at Orient Beach, for a lark..
bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

And if Cindy sees her shadow, does that mean we have six more weeks of winter coming? ;-)

Red said...

unfortunately, YES!!!! wish we were back in the Caribbean
bottoms up