Valentine's Day happiness

Well, we had a tremendous Valentine's Day, and I hope you did also....   We went out for a relaxing lunch, and then went and bought lobster and wine for a romantic dinner, but started the fun activities long before dinner.

Cindy agreed to my suggestion that a "good boy spanking" would be in order, because although we had indulged in spanking while on the cruise, the type of spanking was limited to a small wooden hairbrush, that echoed loudly, so spankings were sometimes intense but short.

The idea of good boy spankings is that it is a reward, and thus Cindy does not get upset reliving something that annoyed her. Cindy suggested I retrieve the implements to be spanked with.

I retrieved the Leather studded heart shaped paddle (Valentine's Day... so had to use this), and two bath brushes for her to choose from, the Vermont Country one and the Body Shop  bath brush...

Cindy was dressed in a skirt and blouse (very elegant), and seated herself on the spanking chair in our bedroom. I lowered my pants, and bent over her knees, where she first patted and massaged my bottom, before lowering my heart covered lacy panties, which I was wearing for Valentine's Day.

The heart shaped paddle struck almost immediately, and WOW!!! Hard, and fast, it  descended on my bottom, with the result of my feet starting to dance before even five spanks had landed. There is a great truth to the fact that a bottom can become softened if not spanked often, and boy, did my bottom soften up during the long cruise.

Cindy just kept spanking, and the tip of this implement definitely finds places whale wrapping, either the outside cheek, or between the cheeks, that are never visited by wood. As I owwwed and danced, Cindy enjoyed herself stating how well I seem to be appreciating her efforts, and how she does love this little implement. (It is not little, specially when be vigorously applied to my bottom)

Cindy finally took a rest, and picked up the Vermont bath brush.... OWWWW! This brought forth a real jig by my feet, and it was extremely effective. Cindy paused after a number of spanks, and asked "Why is this so effective I wonder". Glad to know she noticed, and responded that it has a longer handle and a wider surface than the hair brush, so a stronger spank by the arc it travels, and the heavier head in landing on a larger surface.... She responded with..hmmm, i like it and started refreshed. wow, a spanking to remember!!! Cindy gave many more spanks and finally stopped, but quickly stating she was only resting, and then changed Bath brushes.

The last part of the spanking was much shorter, but that Body Shop paddle is large, with very heavy solid wood, and a nice long handle to create maximum force with little effort. My feet were dancing, and I was owwwing often.

I thanked Cindy when she finally stopped, and Cindy took a few pictures.
Cindy then took a relaxing bath, and the slow sensual lovemaking was absolutely mind-blowing, followed by a wonderful dinner...

Hope your Valentine's Day had you being spanked, and made love to. LEt me know how your day went!

PS: My bottom is still showing red on the side, and a nice soreness reminder of a loving spanking given to me by Cindy.

bottoms up


Baxter said...

Cindy certainly spanked you thoroughly Red. I think that good color is what all us spankos want. You mentioned the Vermont Country STore. Last May we were driving through Vermont on Route 100 (great scenery) and went through Weston where that store is. R did not know it but I was thinking of stopping to see if I could buy one of the brushes, but alas, it was quite late and the store was closed. Yeah, I know I can buy it online, but I wanted to hold it at the store and think about it. You know, just like any good spanko.

Basdew1922 said...

I bought a wooden hairbrush on Valentine's day, now I am just looking for a female spanking partner. Fortunately, there several woman in my neighbourhood by whom I want to be spanked.

Anonymous said...

Yes I also had a nice Valentines day diner, then put a few blankets on the floor by the fire place. Besides the fire place getting my bottom warm, Robin assisted by using a wooden spoon that also had me kicking. She then used the belt to keep me dancing, and getting my bottom warmer. Lastly she applied the leather strop. and not only had me dancing but hollering. When she finished I thanked her by putting my head between her legs to warm her up, followed by wonderful intercourse. Valentines Day is wonderful.

Red said...

Baxter:The store has long since stopped selling the wooden version. What I looked up online was entirely different, and totally unsuitable. Cindy did an excellent and thorough spanking.
bottoms up

Red said...

simcor: good luck in finding someone to spank you, better yet, to find a partner to spend life together.
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: Such a wonderful way to celebrate life.... Hope your cold winter continues, needing many more nights in front of the fireplace
bottoms up