Seven Things about myself (from Hermione's posting more than a year ago)

Hermione posted about a Versatile blogger award, that she was nominated for. This tweaked my imagination, so research is as follows:


The idea can be read in the above link...

I do not win awards, and this is not a sympathy request... I only visit a couple of blogs regularly (Ronnie and Hermione), and others occasionally, so I am not really out there commenting often.

However, the idea of revealing seven things about yourself, will help give insight that their is more to you than spanking.... (that you probably don't know, so here goes:) and some are very similar to Hermione...

  1. I do not have a cellphone, ipad, etc.... 
  2. I regularly send postcards to people while on vacation - yes, really, even though we send emails to family also. I have a collection of postcards I have received since I was a child. it is really nice to be able to read a postcard from a grand parent, or parent, or aunt or uncle  (who has since passed away), and remember the good time they were having, and that they thought of you. Our children keep this tradition alive also. I do not like talking on the telephone, except if it is short and sweet. (" just the facts Ma'am " from Joe Friday..Dragnet Television Show). Cindy really grills me about the conversation, but I simply respond well we talked for a while....
  3. I enjoy gardening. However, I only have perennials, and herbs and vegetables. Let's not go overboard killing my back. No fruit trees, as I hate spraying chemicals.
  4. I love travel... to walk and explore new places "anywhere". If in a city, what is around the next corner is an experience or sight that I have never before seen. I am not thrilled walking where we live, as everything is the same, and i am only walking. However, a natural area is close-by, so I walk there whenever possible. I hate organized tours - stand in line, wait here, listen to dumb questions from people who did ZERO research before going on the trip.
  5. I'm a bad cook. Fortunately, Cindy is a wonderful cook, however I cook New England lobsters (boil) amazingly well, specially with a bottle of white wine.
  6. Housework isn't my favorite pastime - I'd rather be blogging - but I enjoy doing laundry. (this one comes straight from Hermione's list). We have a clothes line to dry clothes, which saves money, and is better for the environment. (I am frugal where possible)
  7. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love giving presents to people, specially cash to younger cousins kids who can use the cash to purchase what they like, not what I think they like.I also enjoy tipping generously on cruises, even though we pay the normal gratuity charged to passengers. We sit for a served dinner, and I love tipping not only the server, but the ASSISTANT. I remember one assistant who was shocked, and he asked the main waiter for our table what to do, and he said "put it in your pocket"
  8. well, one extra than seven, I enjoy everything about spanking, except while being actually spanked, where I sometimes wonder if i am completely nuts!!!
Now it's your turn. Tell me seven things about yourself on your blog, if you have one, or as a comment if you don't.
By the way, I am starting to go through old drafts that I never published. This one comes from 2011. Yikes!!!
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Hermione said...

Hi Red,

I loved learning those seven things about you. I also hate talking on the phone, which is why I don't have a cell phone. However, I am very tempted to get one for emergencies,and Ron agrees.


Baxter said...

Very interesting subject.
1 - My wife is my best friend and has been for over 30 years of marriage
2 - I love sun rises and sunsets as well as moon rises and moon sets
3 - my ideal vacation is with my wife and dog in our camper in the middle of national forest with few other people around.
4 - I drive only Jeeps and have only owned 4 wheel drive vehicles
5 - I enjoy reading
6 - I like myself
7 - I enjoy being spanked by my wife and think about spanking a lot when out in public seeing sexy female bottoms
I probably could add to this list

Bobbie Jo said...

Short and "just the facts." 1) I like gold panning. 2) I do have an old cell phone, but no Ipad or smart phone. 3) I like to be out in nature 4) I do enjoy a good museum. I have been at the Smithsonian museums. I spent a week's worth of time and still didn't see it all! 5) I enjoy bird watching and I feed them, too. 6) Of course, I like to be spanked by my top, Dana Specht. 7) I enjoy seeing new places and visiting places I have been before.

ronnie said...


I loved reading those things about you. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy gardening but same as you, no fruit trees.


Anonymous said...

Good idea Red (Hermione)
1. Love to travel. 2. Love antique cars (I have 2). 3. Love yard work. 4. Help cleaning around the house. 5. Love long walks in the woods. 6. Love meeting new people. 7. Love being spanked by Robin, just because she feels like spanking me.

Red said...

Hermione: Outside of emergencies, because I am retired( and nothing is ever that urgent), I do not see a need to own a cell phone.
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Red said...

Baxter: 1. the same, but we are over 40 years married, 2. love sunsets, rarely up for sun rising..3. national forest is nice, but i love beaches..6. everyone should like them-self, so this is good.. 7. sounds great
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Red said...

Bobbie Jo: fun to read, thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Red said...

Ronnie: you are welcome
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Red said...

anon: i agree with all of them
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