Texas all state spanking party (TASSP) 2014 Announcement

Here is the information:

About 14 years ago, there were three spanking social groups in Texas: Bottoms Up in Dallas, SASS-Y in San Antonio, and the Red Bottoms Club in Houston. One year we decided to all get together for a once-a-year shindig. The first one was in Houston at a guy's house, and we had so much fun we decided to do it every year, moving it from place to place. We finally settled on Dallas as the yearly location.

The past two years, we have had record attendance, topping off at over 250 very happy spankos! This year, we hope to top that, but it is FAR more important that everybody has a good time, and THAT'S our goal for you.

Dates/Place: June 19-22, 2014, Dallas TX

Activities already planned

Early Bird Spanking Party,

Demonstrations and Presentations (currently includes Sensual Spanking with Sarah Gregory and Princess Kelley, 

Scolding by Dana Specht, 

Something by Miss Chris, 

something by Miss Rose, 

and a BDSM/Spanking Demo, 

also possibly a violet wand demo)

Newbie Party, 

Three  catered Dinners, 

Sarah Gregory's Naughty Schoolgirls Party, 

 Icebreaker Games, 

Themed Suite Parties, 

Dark Parties, 

Midnight Flogging, 

Texas Terror's Breakfast, 

Vendor Fair, 

Silent Auction, 

Spanking Games, 

Spanking Booth, 

Naughty Boys Party, 

Littles Playtime, 

Models Brunch,  

Iron Butt Party, and more.

ALL registration is online this year, so go to the website at:


and register TODAY!
For more information, contact PrincessKelley, MrOMK, SarahGregory, or Tubaman on FetLife, or tassparty@gmail.com

One more thing:

TELL YOUR SPANKO FRIENDS ABOUT US! THEY don't want to miss out, either!

Apologies, but I should have posted this before Jan 1st, as the prices have gone up slightly...

Just one question, what is the weather like at this time of year... I imagine quite hot...

I am not in any way recommending this event, but it does sound like a lot of fun and I wish I could be there. Having never attended an event like this, I cannot recommend, but could someone who has attended give their impressions and experiences...

enjoy life
bottoms up


ronnie said...


Thanks. Have you ever thought about attending one of these parties?


Anonymous said...

Would love to attend a spanking party, but that is only a wish as R wants spanking kept to ourselves. I do have contact with someone that attends many parties and he (also a spanko) loves going to them. If you ever go Red you must write about it.

Red said...

Cindy is very private, so very unlikely... thus i cannot see us ever attending..
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: will do, but unlikely
bottoms up

Rich Spankman said...

Looking forward to my first TASSP !

Red said...

Have fun Rich, and send me a link to your post on your blog after you attend.
bottoms up