SPANKING and SEX before Christmas

We will be having company arriving son, so I have postdated a number of posts for your enjoyment, but I will not be responding to comments for about a week.

Thus, after a very stressful time of trying to do too many things before family arrives, we finally took a break today... to relieve the STUPID stress...

Only last night did I finally remember that it is my fault that the stress has gotten out of control. For the past five or more years, Cindy and I had an arrangement that Cindy would list everything that had to be done, and then was not able to stress about what needed doing. If she mentioned "this needs to be done" or something similar, I would spank her.

The responsibility for everything being done was mind, in my own sweet time, provided that everything was accomplished before being needed. IF it wasn't, the spanking I would get would be more than any ever given..  I was allowed to delegate things to Cindy, but she was not permitted to fret and worry, and run me ragged.

We have promised to remember this for next year, and I am setting a reminder by copying this posting, and postdating it for December 1, 2014.

Back to SPANKING... Cindy earlier today bared her bottom and bent over for me to spank, and I gave her bottom a couple of hard hand spanks, and said that was enough, but she insisted on more, so a few more were given, and then I kissed her bottom. I also stated that I needed to be strongly spanked to relieve the stress and start relaxing and enjoying Christmas.

Later that day, Cindy obliged, after we had both showered, and I put a pair of panties on.... (ramblings of a retired mind... why, if it is one piece of underwear (lingerie), is it called a pair of panties... plural... when it is only one)
(gratuitous picture for the ladies)

Cindy sat on the spanking chair, while I retrieved her spanking shoes so that her feet are raised enough to support me... and I put them on her feet, after kissing and sucking her toes for a little while...
Then, it was over the knee with the bath brush being slowly and steadily applied to my bottom, and the back of my legs... Cindy had not removed my panties, but I am now aware that they give no protection whatsoever... Cindy continued to leisurely spank me, spanking on one spot until my leg and foot started a wee dance, and then moving onward to await the same reaction from a different spank spot...
After quite a while, Cindy stated I should now get up, and as I started to thank her, she started to lower my panties, then patted her knee for me to get back over her knees.... owww.. and the spanking began again quicker, and harder, and a few rat a tat tat fast and furious in one spot before moving to another... My feet did dance a little, and I was owwwing somewhat...

When Cindy stated I could get up, I thanked her for the spanking, and we proceeded to make love both orally and then intercourse. We both had a wonderful time...
LET the season's festivities begin...

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Is someone not doing their job Red? Cindy needed a spanking and you only gave her a few swats? And she had to ask for more? Shame on you if Cindy needs spanking then spank her. I'm glad to hear she did better on your bottom. Getting ready for Christmas and family can be stressful on both of you. Enjoy your company and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Baxter said...

We just took a trip to see my aged and failing father. He is 97 and going downhill fast.Anyway, R and I made sure the wooden spoon was in her suitcase. but after all the driving and cleaning out of his house (depression era packrat) and going here and there (2600 or so miles of interstate driving), I did not get spanked once with that spoon and dammit,I deserved it. Well home all day today, R took the spoon to my butt and upper legs, reddening things well and leaving welts all over it. Then it was on to sex and boy oh boy, stress is gone.Still need another spanking soon and of course she knows it as well. Maybe the paddle or belt tomorrow.
Merry Christmas Red and Archedone.

Red said...

archedone: you could be right, but when we are both overwrought, then Cindy should never be spanked.
Merry Christmas to you and family
bottoms up

Red said...

Baxter: first things first, and spankng can always be later. Sorry to hear about your father, my mother similarly passed away this year at an age of 98.

Hope Christmas was fun
bottoms up