My New Year's Eve hug for you

My wishes to you.... A happy loving spanking relationship
Men that know doing chores is equally as valid for them as for women
that it should go without saying in the relationship that men, in responding to their wives :

that the look had better be enough of a warning to behave
if not, then (just a photo without welts for the album...before and after you know)
will be followed by the spanking
so, may you have the Best entire New Year ever, (or at least one that you enjoy often)

hugs, cuddles, love  (above gif was found on http://cuddleninja.tumblr.com/)
bottoms up


spanking and making love

We are returning to spanking now that all family have left visiting for Christmas...

Yesterday had me working out at the gym, and later in the afternoon, Cindy taking a leisurely bath, then calling me to the bedroom for my spanking.

Cindy went into the bathroom, and happily returned with the wooden hair brush. It was pants down but panties up when I was positioned over her knees.
Cindy spanked slowly and hard, and in no time my feet were dancing. Each spank was a wallop!!

After many to one cheek, and then many to another, Cindy paused, and stated I should remove the panties now. I can perfectly attest to the fact that thin lacy panties provide no protection whatsoever.
Cindy continued the spanking delivering very firm spanks, my impression be raising the hair brush up at least to her chin level or higher before forcefully bringing it down. As I write this, maybe 20 hours after the spanking, my bottom is still sore, and was red when I woke up this morning.

The spanking continued for quite a while, with Cindy once pausing, and stating she was just taking a little rest, don't think of trying to get up, and another pause to deliver a little lecture of one of the reasons I was being spanked.

Cindy remarked how my feet were being very active today, and delivered a few flurries of spanks to the top of my legs, and I was definitely owwing with the spanks.
Every spank Cindy gave was with force, and then she stated the spanking was finished and I could get up. I slide off her knees, and thanked her for the spanking... then started to fondle and kiss her breasts...... and between her legs (which was already wet)...
then we moved to the bed...
where with much more play and intercourse we both had mind blowing orgasms.... where the screams were such that this might have been appropriate

Make love often... spank even more often
bottoms up


pegging brings smiles to all

Thought today's post would simply show smiling women
albeit posed professionals
showing the happiness
of experimenting
 with you being penetrated
 and loving the closeness and engulfing emotions involved
and wouldn't this scenario blow your mind!! When your wife is getting ready to go out, but calls you to the hallway and states:
Bend over dear, I just feel like fucking you for a little before I go out, just like I give you a quick bj before going out sometimes
and helping her put it on always shows you to be a thoughtful person
show the happy
bottoms up


fate is approaching

Guess what will happen next
you have guessed correctly
 but is it for him

or for her
or for them
and will a dancing party begin
bottoms up


beware what you ask for!

Ever wonder what your future might be, if you ask your partner to try spanking you in your relationship..
well, first the hand
can easily and naturally progress to the hair brush
and then the holey paddle
 Until finally you find that your wife is eagerly involved
 and then it might even become a daily event
maybe with a paddle
 a leather strap
 and then the cane
beware what you wish for
bottoms up


your smiles for the day after Christmas

You might like to try this
An old trick to prevent closed eyes in a photo...
This certainly keeps my eyes open

If you are expecting a heart-wrenching story about a cat that got run over by a truck, lost a leg and dragged himself 100 miles after being bitten by a snake....

W R O N G!
Meet Lucky...
you are maybe not so lucky
 or maybe you are
 bottoms up



May you have a wonderful day with family and friends, and for those inclined towards spanking

may you have the privacy to fulfill your spanking desires whether it is she spanking her

 or she spanking him
 or maybe him spanking her
 but maybe you enjoy group play
 These ladies certainly do
 and one last bottom needs tanning
Merry Christmas, and may all your dreams come true
bottoms up


thoughts for the today

An eclectic list of saying found on tumblr
and remember
The doctor has prescribed medicine that your wife should give to you
 the end result are decisions for her to make
so be prepared
 those pants are coming down
and heat is about to be applied