why you so easily submit

You will agree to anything, including being spanked if you have never been spanked before
if the following gif is in your future marriage

these first three came from   http://mrjamesdeen.tumblr.com/
and it's the thoughts and feelings that overwhelm
and you will gladly hop over her knees to be spanked daily
bottoms up

F/M spanking GIF courtesy of the kinky elves at SpankBuzz.com.
and again
Bill Ward: animated spanking GIF



eclectic day of smiles

eclectic day, hoping to bring a smile to your lips....
However, even better is this philosophy
but remember
And while on that romantic walk, another thought worth considering
and let sex keep you young
and some advice
that's it
 and reciprocity is the best way in life
this was predictable

hope you smiled
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happy (SP)Thanksgiving to all

Just a little greeting to everyone in the world...
That giving thanks for all the joys in our life are worth celebrating...
No matter what religion or atheistic beliefs you have, being happy certainly is a goal to achieve...
So a special spanking wish to all my spanko friends... (Possibly some couple counseling)
May you be spanked sometime soon,
and then make love
A suggestion: visit www.kinkycards.com and send your partner a sweet suggestion
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spanked again

It seems a bit redundant to write about a spanking, as I have posted so many of these on this blog.

So, in a shortened version, Cindy had not spanked me for awhile, and was unhappy with something I had said a few days earlier. she informed me she was going to spank me, and had me retrieve something leather and something wooden.
The wooden was a paddle, similar in largess to a bath brush, but with quite a thunk on my bottom.
The leather was the heart shaped leather studded paddle.

I retrieved both, and also retrieved and put shoes on Cindy's feet so that her feet were appropriately placed on the ground.
A pat of the knee and I was bent over, and Cindy lowered the panties I was wearing.
No warm-up, just solid quick spanks with the leather implement, with ten to fifteen spanks on one cheek before moving to the to her, and repeat what seemed a very long time. This implement also wraps quite a bit, so the outer part of one cheek, and the crease between the cheeks were also well spanked. My feet were dancing, and I was owwing...

Cindy then switched to the wooden implement (from a friend), and this had me dancing somewhat on her lap.... Many spanks

Then a pause as Cindy rested, reiterated why she was mad at me, and then switched back to the leather paddle for an equally long session, followed by a short session with the wooden paddle.

When Cindy finally stated I could get up, she remarked that you should look in a mirror, that 's is going to be red tomorrow....

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we took a couple of pictures... one is shown here

We then made love, which was wonderful.

Spank away bad feelings, be punished when you are wrong, and make love afterwards, such that the problem has been atoned, and you are both in loving embrace.

A recipe for a lot of fun in a great marriage.
PS: the angle of the photo makes me appear to be much broader at the shoulders, whereas in reality my shoulders are normal width. What do you think of the Victoria Secret orange and white lace panties,the back of which were soothing to my bottom?

PPS: actually, i received another strong spanking with the kitchen food stirrer that evening, and my bottom was quite pink the next day, and reddened even more after my afternoon shower!

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The bonds that tie us :POLL

Now, isn't that a catchy title....
We have at times dabbled with light bondage, so I thought this might be an interesting post for readers. We keep some of Cindy's old imitation silk scarves in my bottom dresser drawer, and occasionally enjoy using them.  Blindfolds are also interesting, but you know who is there, and your mind can think of the possibilities, so the slight fear factor is missing.
The play is consensual, and the first picture is our preferred method, whereas the next picture is one of Cindy's and MY favorite bondage positions, with Cindy's pussy over my mouth to pleasure
 Many things will occur before Cindy mounts either my face or my erection.
Rarely, do we tie the hands behind the back, simply due to the awkwardness of pleasuring each other
 Cindy has never spanked gently or otherwise the family jewels (really like that description), but I have been encouraging to fondle my balls a little more firmly when playing with them, as they are not as delicate as her breasts. LIGHT patting like might be happening above is an intriguing thought!
I have tied up Cindy, and played gently with her... but thought suggestive photos of the woman in charge would be interesting to spank discussion.
Please read carefully when answering the poll...... and I have allowed multiple selections for a couple to both answer.               


Playful Bondage

Have you ever tried bondage in your relationship?

I am male and i have been tied up by my partner
I am Female and i have been tied up by my partner
I am male and HAVE TIED UP  my partner
I am Female and HAVE TIED UP  my partner
I am male and HAVE TIED and been TIED UP  BY my partner
I am Female and HAVE TIED and been TIED UP  BY my partner
I am male but have never tried bondage
I am Female but have never tried bondage
 Current Results

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milked before being spanked

This is one way to assure that your husband will feel his spanking to be much more severe than normal...
Oh my….
without actually doing severe  damage.
However, you might decide this is too much enjoyment, even though it does the deed quicker...
That lady again !
so you might just sit in the spanking chair, and stroke him, while telling him what a naughty boy he is..
or command that he stroke himself, mocking him, while letting him know how severe his spanking will be..
Oh fuck me yes!
now, he can be made to feel even more submissive, almost like a cow being milked, if you have him bending over a chair on all fours


“Why can’t I be like the rest of the farm girls and milk the cows?”
of course, be in charge but aim as you please
Wifey does it one more time !
because enjoying his cum is your PREROGATIVE, even though he has to stand their with his hands by his side, with no movement
She does it again !

most of these gifs come from the following website http://galvygalvy.tumblr.com/archive

milk away aggressively
enjoy the bliss
Yeah. I’d like to.
For spanking photos, see almost any other of my posts...

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little spankings

Things change from time to time.

A week or two ago, I informed Cindy that her immediate spankings in the kitchen were not that effective. She would pick up a wooden implement, normally the soup stirrer, indicate for me to bare my bottom, or simply state bend over (which implied bare your bottom), and would whack away for about ten spanks, which would have me hopping around a bit.

However, it was so fast, and momentary, that the discomfort was gone sometimes before I had finished setting the table, or before we were eating. I suggested that she should give double that number of spanks to make certain I remembered, and that she would have dispelled any and all of her anger.
Yesterday, Cindy remembered what I had stated, because when she felt it was necessary to spank me on the spot, I was truly hopping and wishing I had kept my big mouth shut, while she enjoyed maybe 30 or more spanks delivered to my bare bent over bottom. Rest assured, I certainly felt them while sitting and eating our lunchtime meal. This photo shows the situation well, but it was a man being spanked(me)
and it was

A few days before this, Cindy had done something wrong, which she knew was wrong, and I was thrilled to bend her over slightly while delivering ten good hand spanks to her bare bottom. That spanking might have stoked the flames for her remembering to pay me back more than double when next I was spanked, as I described above.
Personally, I recommend to every couple who are thinking of using spanking in their marriage to give it a go,so to speak, but be certain it is consensual.

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