thoughts for the day

If you like spankings, then you might like to copy and paste one of theseto send in a email or text to your loved one....
Because, sometimes, you just have to say your intentions
or , alternatively
 you might just say
 or, being precise
 so, may your wish come true as often as you want, and also when you are not seeking but are deserving

Source of the signs: www.plector.tumblr.com
bottoms up


protecting the valuables

Sometimes you see pictures of very considerate women.....
 wanting to spank every available
 portion of your bottom
 without damaging your vitals
or maybe just holding on for the fun it entices
however, sometimes the photos show the exact opposite

a slap to deter enjoyment
 a little disdain for the erection, because the man is to be spanked
 or worse, asking him where he should be spanked

but staying with the consensual aspect, we only delve ever so slightly with the first method, but usually tuck the goods away between Cindy's thighs for any OTK spanking.
bottoms up


which lap is for you

just a quick post of laps waiting for your naked bottom to be facing the lady
whether in the boudoir
or the office
the lady is waiting happily
with bath brush in hand
 or maybe the cane as you bend over her knee
 this brush will pack a wallop
 don't delay
 she is getting annoyed and will only spank longer
 and harder
bottoms up


taking texting and cell phones too far

Sometimes, things are nice.... BUT..... you might not have her full undivided attention
or maybe
if the above happens, then time to start spanking her...
 and do a good job, she will soon have kicked off her shoes while her feet are dancing
then maybe have her bend over for a taste of the worrisome paddle
 make certain she feels it (love to see the grimacing)
 and make  her bottom is as red as her kilt
and as a final measure
use the couch in a different way
 and make certain she will pay attention in the future
 a look of remorse,

and also admiration of how you have shown her the way
 and a little corner time
bottoms up


photos to enjoy

A simple post
 your past
and future
bottoms up


waiting to spank you

So, my dear, as she looks at your surprised expression, what did you expect  to happen after that bewhavior
 nice and tidy for you to bend over, now isn't it
 this bath brush is getting impatient
 Indeed, I do enjoy spanking you
 and remember
 the doctor did prescribe this to solve your tantrums
the chair is almost ready

and so is my lap
bottoms up