Time to worry

Certain photos can create a wee stir in your heart!
The first is definitely one for when you are traveling or just out for the day, and your wife is well prepared to deal with you
or how about when you come home knowing that your sister in law who you insulted on the telephone will be visiting, and this site greets you

or the look your partner gives you while she is sitting on the spanking chair in the middle of the room
 or equally frightening, as she is  positioning the spanking chair while holding a hair brush

but might as well bare that bottom and acquiesce
 you know you are going to be spanked
 and your partner at least is going to be enjoying herself

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disciplined hubbies

A relatively new blog for F/M lovers has been on the scene for a little while.


It started in March, and has 22 posts, so it appears likely to stay around for a while, which is good.

"A forum for Disciplined Dads, Spanked Hubbies, Managed Males and Their Significant Others to Share Experiences and Views on This Thing We Do -- F/m Domestic Discipline"
It is a place for people to communicate about their relationship, and asks some really good questions for the reader to consider responding to.

Unfortunatley, I do NOT take the time to reply to the posts, as writing this blog (almost daily), is my limit for spanking related tasks in a day.

Do drop by and reply as the feeling strikes you...
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getting ready for a spanking

Remember, it is always nice to dream now and then, and for every person who enjoys spanking a woman, this would be quite a treat...
The following three gifs come from http://firmhandsir.tumblr.com/post/48806567439/needs-spanking
You can just hear her saving that she does not deserve this spanking
that it was all just a big mistake 
as she lowers her pants tot he floor 

You can find more photos of this charming woman at http://charmephoto.tumblr.com
and many similar to spike your enthusiasm
enjoy Life
bare that bottom

We are a french couple who loves sexy photography.
follow us http://charmephoto.tumblr.com/
Model : Celia Cole  Photographer : Aden Cole

Nice…I could watch this all day… :-)


loopy johnny

I consider myself very lucky that we do NOT own any of these implements
They appear to be fierce, and are in fact fierce. (Ask Ronnie about them)
Just the thought of how effective it will be makes the following picture Awesome.
an extended length one and being in the following position, run for the hills
I am not certain what material this item is made of, but it should not be used on people's bottoms
One has to consider that the fine line between a conventional loopy johnny and a carpet beater is unclear, except to the spankee
but this position seems impossible, except as a photograph
and this photo shows how the marks are much more random (that is frightening) than any other implement. It is not just one line of the cane, nor is it the entire breadth of the hairbrush where the pain is distributed, it is all over in different areas at the same time
so, welcome the carpet beater to your bottom
 in whatever position desired by the spanker
and hope your spanker does not read this post!
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photo humor and caption day

Well, so many tumblrs, that can get you spanked
so little time
 so enjoy life
the best is yet to come
 remember also
 and, a little adage
 good idea
then again
 your choice
and one other thought, a photo  from somewhere with a sense of humor
enjoy life
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Little spankings

My turn, but nothing too strong, just a way somewhat to solve a problem...  As usual, this is from my point of view, not Cindy's.
I was busy cooking tomato sauce, something I enjoy making, when Cindy and I had a little tiff. The end result was she picked up the food stirrer, and had me bare my bottom and bend over. A number of spanks later, with a few owws from me, and I was permitted to stand up and continue, after thanking Cindy for the spanking.
Less than a minute later, I was back with my bare bottom receiving another dose of the wooden stirrer, as Cindy was still unhappy with me.
My take on the situation is that Cindy considers the kitchen her domain, and my not doing some cooking the way she does was part of the problem. Also, a little lingering desire to spank me for spanking her remains. I have reminded her that she does not need a reason to spank me, so if she ever feels the need or desire, just spank me to solve the problem or mood.
Later that day, after inviting company to come for dinner, I asked Cindy to spank me, and she gave me a reasonable but not hard spanking, with the wooden hair brush, while bare bottomed over her knee. My bottom displayed two large red areas, one on each cheek
Dinner and the evening went well. The above hair brush is exactly like ours...
As a side note, the bedroom has all shoes placed properly away, so I can expect a stronger spanking soon...

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Cindy spanked

We are getting back into spanking, and Cindy had the delightful(????) experience first. Now, this blog states the virtues of consensual, and Cindy is very reluctant to be consensual about being spanked.

Cindy went through at least one of our children's birth without any drugs(epidermal), but complains and negotiates and oowwwws very strongly when being spanked.

So: the scene:

Cindy has many many shoes. Not a problem. We can afford them, and they do not wear out easily if you have quite a lot. WE can afford this, as we are very economical in most things.
Cindy also has many purses, and in our rather small shared closet, she keeps  a large container box of her purses. Again, not a problem... except that it only leaves room for about 12 pairs of shoes on her shoe rack.
The problem: Cindy takes off her shoes, and leaves them wherever she is standing, when either changing or getting a different pair of shoes for whatever reason.....
That means that at times their are five or more pair of shoes blocking the walkable parts of our bedroom...

Add to this idea that a friend recently stumbled and broke two bones in her foot.   Do you see where this is leading.
We are aging (which is better than the only other alternative), and a fall in the nighttime when going to the bathroom, or simply being distracted while walking not knowing their is a minefield of danger ahead, needed correcting... add also that I have been asking her to put her shoes away for years....

Yesterday, I called out to her to please come to the bedroom, the way she calls me knowing she is going to spank me. As she entered the room, she spied that I was holding the wooden hairbrush.

I informed her I was going to spank her, and explained the reason why! She first refused, said she would change her habits, and my asking her how long I have requested that change got no reply. She knows that I have been asking for years...
She then adopted the tactic of okay, but not with the hairbrush...  I responded that the hairbrush seems to be persuasive, whereas my hand is soon forgotten...

I went and sat on the spanking chair, and she followed, permitting me to lower her pants, and then her panties, before bending her over my knee gently....

She continued to request not the hairbrush, so I responded that I will first spank her by hand, and then ten with the hairbrush....
I enjoyed myself thoroughly, as I slowly hand spanked, and she owwwed and wriggled her bottom at times...
I then had her count out the spanks for the hairbrush, and delivered ten good spanks in patterns of two at a time. Cindy howled quite a bit.... A goodly part of her bottom was red when I finished, and I permitted her to stand up. We cuddled, and I reminded her she had forgotten to thank me, so maybe another spanking is needed? She immediately thanked me in a low voice... almost as if the thanking is more difficult for her to say than the spanking itself...
As a follow-up, I informed Cindy that if I see shoes again like this, we will call it: ONE, and she will put them away..  the next time will be TWO, and she will put them away.... The next time will be THREE and she will be spanked with more spanks than this time....

We made love later in the day, and it was AWESOME.... and all the shoes are still away today even though Cindy has changed shoes from when she was out this morning.

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smothering photos (with a sense of humor)

Just a little different take for today.... Hope you don't mind
version two: giving a friend a helping hand
Version three is how to one up your friends in a photo
Well, I think someone should be spanked for this post, and
multiple ways exist to be swaying to the beat
definitely swaying in a fun way

Even though she couldn’t take my thick cock all the way down her throat I still loved it when she sucked on my hard cock.  She always kept me hard with her hot mouth and making her big tits jiggle for me while she worked on making me cum for her!
Happy Animated Weekend Everyone!

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