leading him to his spanking -newest edition

A popular theme that my darling wife Cindy sometimes uses, but never in public.
However, you might fantasize the following of being lead outside to be spanked in front of her friends
You might see these next two pictures on some websites, but they would kill my knees, so we never do this either
although the thought is fun

now, being a little modest, leading him by the ear still gets everyone's  attention if near by
A change from standing in the corner before the spanking!!!!
To be made to wait, with the normal sexual reaction of knowing you are about to be spanked,  but with your partner holding your erection...
and then a slight tug or two and a kiss, before you go over her knees

however you do it, do enjoy spanking your partner
bottoms up


The maid

Which do you prefer???
The maid performing her duties: Yes Miss, I have been informed to give you a thorough thrashing on the bare

 and not stop until there are real tears of regret
or would you prefer to see the maid being spanked for her careless behavior
or, quite possibly being spanked with the birch...

personally, I would choose to watch both
bottoms up


hints you are about to be spanked

A quick post that lets you know you are going to be spanked,
you come home to find this waiting on the table
 or maybe your wife wears a certain pair of shoes when spanking you OTK
little thinking is required to figure out your fate
 when you return home and this site greets you
FOOTNOTE: I sent this message to a reader (Mrs C) who I communicative with at times, and also I communicate with her husband
"I am doing a small post of shoes with spanking implements, and thought I might use the picture you sent me.. Is this acceptable to you and to your husband?

Mrs C's reply:
"Yes you may, and foot note it that the girl that wear these shoes also wear the pants.....and that if she is given permission from Cindy the brush will be used with your pants down. " 

[Aside: Fortunately, we do not live close to each other]

ANOTHER THOUGHT: would any other reader care to send a photo of one of their most frequently used spanking implements for me to post, possibly with the chair that the spanker usually sits on, (nothing that identifies you or your home, like the above photo, or the next photo!  I think Mrs. C. will enjoy seeing her photo on this blog!

or maybe a bedtime spanking is in order

whereas this is now the command
bottoms up


about to be spanked

Spanking pictures are wonderful, in stimulating the libido...
One can imagine having the good fortune to watch this lady..  be publicly spanked (but unfortunately clothed)
whereas this lady is already being spanked
This lady is delighted with the idea that you will spank her..
whereas this lady is chagrined at the immediacy of her spanking about to occur
this lady has happily bared her bottom and happily awaits her fate
conversely, this lady is happy to escort YOU to your very public spanking
and this lady allows you a little time to pity yourself for the spanking you are about to receive
whether you cook the meal properly or not, that implement is about to make your bottom hotter than the stove
with the report in her hand of your behavior, she has sentenced you to a severe spanking
and pleading on your knees will not deter her
These ladies are happy  to escort you to give you your very public thrashing

 enjoy the idea
bottoms up


write a caption

I just find this picture so amazing, and it can be an explanation of so.. so many conversations

Your mission today, if anyone is interested, is to write a comment about what mother is telling her daughter...

Such as:
Dear, we do not believe in spanking children, and we do not want children to know of our spanking ideas until they are about to be married. The reason your father and I are so loving and compatible is that I spank him whenever he misbehaves. Your future husband is now experiencing the same thing, and is part of the marriage contract he signed. When your older, married sister has finished giving him his first ever spanking, you will then give him another full spanking that he will accept to prove his devotion to you. Do not go lightly in spanking him.. Make certain he is aware of the necessity to avoid as much as possible future spankings.
You will be the mistress of the house, and he will obey you.

Before I was married, your grandmother spanked your father in exactly the same manner... so watch carefully and learn quickly.  It is important for the success of your marriage and future life together.

What is your idea for this photo?


women with a mission

The mission is they are about to spank you....
 she might listen to your explanation
but she is not buying your explanation
and getting rather annoyed
that you are delaying the inevitable
and is indicating her response by showing you the implement
this will do her talking
bottoms up

but remember women also spank women



friendly help

Well, many readers dream of being as lucky as some of us who are spanked by their partner.
Those that are spanked sometimes dream of someone else watching them being spanked
or more watching the spanking
even arriving home and realizing he is about to be spanked by two women
either being over the two laps at once
or being spanked by your partner
and then the friend
The key idea is
it is always fine to dream, even if you are wearing stockings
but reality is even better...
so pleasant dreams..
bottoms up