spanked and sex(Wednesday)

Another wonderful evening last night when I asked Cindy if she could give me a spanking, to help keep me calm and non-stressed.

Cindy agreed, but first went and took a bath, and then called me to our bedroom. She sat on the spanking chair, and I was bare bottomed over her knee, as she used the wooden hair brush to beat a merry tune into my backside.

This is the first time we have used the spanking chair, with me OTK instead of propped  up with the bed supporting my upper body.

Cindy gave about 50 spanks, staying in one spot some of the time, and moving around at random reddening my bottom.
A short pause as she rubbed my bottom with her hand, and then a flourish of many spanks before she decided she was finished.
I was permitted to get off her lap, and immediately thanked her for the spanking.

I was on my knees, and proceeded to kiss her, then many parts of her body, ending up at her feet and kissing them, and sucking a little on her toes. While sucking one set of toes, I moved Cindy's other foot to caress my prick...

We then proceeded to the bed, where the love making was spectacular....

It makes me laugh when I hear jokes like:
How do you stop making love with your girlfriend frequently....
Marry her...

Our love making after more than 35 years of marriage is fantastic... Spanking has helped solve problems, and enliven our libidos.

bottoms up


Michael M said...

Another nice tale. lucky chap.

Anonymous said...

A good time was had by all. You had your bottom cared for and repaid Cindy with kisses all over. I have to agree with you. As in your lives spanking has helped the sex play in our lives too.

Red said...

michael : definitely a fortunate man
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: we are very similar my friend
bottoms up