Home again

As some of you might have seen, I am currently in the process of replying to all comments that are left on my blog, during my absence. I am not quite certain if people who sign with anonymous ever see my replies, unless they keep checking the post. I know that when I am signed in with blogger, and leave a comment on another site, I am able to choose to have all the comments for that post sent  to me, so I can read specifically what the blogger replied. Maybe someone could let me know, if I am wasting my time replying to anonymous?

Quite a few spankings occured while we were away, so I will comment briefly on one.

About an hour before leaving for the airport, I asked Cindy to give me a spanking to relieve both of our stress. Cindy gets really uptight, and I respond badly to her excessively worrying. Plus, we were travelling late in the afternoon, so would not be in our hotel room until midnight, a really bad scenario.

Cindy stated their wasn't time (we were completely packed, timers set for lights, fridge emptied, etc), so I suggested she use my least favorite implement for six spanks.(The dominator that used to be for sale on the disciplinarywivesclub website) I do not seem to have  a picture, but will find one eventually, and I am certain i have posted a picture of it previously)

Pants down, bottom bared, standing at the side of the bed, leaning forward slightly to present my bottom, with Cindy standing to my side.

Crack.... YOWLLL... bottom swaying
Oh! said Cindy..... and waited until I was stationary, and once again leaning forward slightly
CRACK!!! YOWLLLL .. bottom gyrating... then slowly moving back into position
Well, this does seem effective...... and a short pause
CRACK!  YOWLLLL .... wincing bottom... trying to get smaller... once again still and lean forward
MAYBE you should count for me.... with a very rapid response from me of THREE..
Are you shouting... no ma'am .sorry...  three
WHACK..... YOWLLLL ... and really dancing to the beat but keeping my feet still......... that one must have had extra wrist action...four...Catching my breath a little, and then stationary leaning forward, knowing the next spank will happen almost immediately... but it didn't...
just a little rubbing of the dominator over my bottom, and a few friendly pats with it, before it moves away from my bottom, and I can sense it travelling far back and now it is coming forward... WHACKKKK! ..........YYYYWWOOOLLLLL.. and my bottom is on fire... that no gyrating and wincing can quell... how one would want to rub and soothe my bottom, but knowing that is not permittted... oops five...
I was wondering if that would be counted, but you did remember, so that just makes one more.. Right?
Yes Dear...

Shall we make it a good one?
That is for you to decide dear...

Leaning forward, bottom presented and waiting... you can acutely hear the arm going backwards, and then it rushing forward...

WHACKKKK!  OWWWWWWWWWWW....  and possibly even dancing o the spot a little... six

You can stand up now1 My, this does leave some nice broad red marks....
A quick caress of my bottom from Cindy, a little fondle of my penis with the words no time now.... It's time to get ready to leave, with a fabulous self-assured smile on her face.
Oh yes, I did not forget to say thank you for spanking me to Cindy.

Aside: Cindy does not like me to bend over to touch my toes, as it might hurt my back if I jumped, and she claims I have much more flesh to spank in this position, as my bottom is too boney if I bend over all the way...

Cindy did get slightly irritable or over anxious during our travel, and I reminded her she had already spanked me, and the irritation dissipated... and she was happy again
More to come in future posts
bottoms up


ronnie said...


Welcome home. Look forward to hearing about your trip.


Hermione said...

Welcome home, Red and Cindy. I'm glad to hear you made it back in one piece.

If you comment as Anonymous, there is no option to subscribe by email. However, it is never a waste of time replying to comments. You never know; they might be checking back for a reply.


jmacjluv said...

I never saw a blog dedicated to women spanking men thanks red for the email im in the mix now

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Red and Cindy. That was one fantastic going away spanking, I could almost feel it. Please tell us about your trip.
I can't speak for other Anonymous but I do read what you say about our comments.

Red said...

Ronnie: Thanks, we had a wonderful time
bottoms up

Red said...

jmac: Glad you like my blog, and a better way to converse than privately... Welcome aboard.. try the links to other blogs
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: Thanks Will write about trip as time permits
Glad to know you look at comments
bottoms up

Red said...

Hermione: Nice to travel, nice to e back home... and I will keep replying to anon
bottoms up

Baxter said...

Welcome back, Red. I enjoy your daily (or almost daily) blogging and the pictures you find. The second from the top in this blog is great as you can see the woman really putting her whole body into spanking the guy with that belt and he is feeling it.


Red said...

Baxter: definitely that packs a wallop. Gld you like the blog
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Red I can see you are spending a lot of time with the blog and we apppreacite it but talking to Cindy I can see you are not doing your exercising and taking care of the heart.....so after a long hard spanking over my lap we are going to the gym.

Miss C

Red said...

Miss C: yes ma'am (glad you like the effort on the blog
bottoms up