Cindy spanked on vacation

Time to recount number one of three spankings that occurred while we were on a two week cruise.

This one was Cindy being spanked.

When we first started cruising, we were afraid that people in the hallway or adjacent cabins might hear a spanking. We have come to believe that it is unlikely,but possible. If ever you are on a cruise, try having the television on reasonably loudly, and then step outside the cabin with the door closed.

On our most recent cruise, I could NOT hear the television music, when doing this test.The only slight problem might be the slightly short time when a pause occurs between songs, or if the music stops for a second or three as it fades away.

I believe we practice consensual spanking, as I have rarely ever refused a spanking, but health wise I did a couple of times prior to the heart attack.(That is, if my back was really dubious if it would survive a spanking.

Cindy has rarely offered to be spanked for any reason whatsoever, but does enjoy a pat on the bottom, which I must say I do quite often. It is a romantic way of a wee pat and a kiss. We always kiss and cuddle before going to sleep, and I pat her bottom (a few pats) after she rolls over to go to sleep.

The good thing about spankings, is that you tend to forget the reason it was needed, but you do remember that it solved the problem, and everyone was happy. (should I add eventually, or shortly thereafter)

Cindy had clearly let her stress about my health take too strong a turn, and we had a major disagreement. Whatever was done or said, I forget, but I said that I would be solidly spanked if I had done what Cindy had done. Cindy reluctantly agreed that my being spanked would certainly have happened. AHA!!!!!

I stated that she should receive ten spanks with the heart shaped studded paddle, and she objected! "NOT TEN"

I replied, oh, you think it should be more? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

I was quite firm, and Cindy reluctantly, and quietly acquiesced.

Dress up, panties down to the knees, and face down on the bed.

What a beautiful sight that I enjoyed.

I had immediate, immense enjoyment being able to spank her bottom, as was extremely visible for Cindy to see. 

Cindy was less pleased than normal when seeing my raging erection... Stating something to the effect that was not going to happen, and I reminded her that she was about to be spanked, so she should not compound her situation by annoying the spanker.

Maybe a small kiss might even lessen the spanking a little, and Cindy willingly complied, trying to remove any spanking whatsoever.
After a minute or two, it was down to business, and I slowly gave Cindy five spanks on each cheek, with reasonable strength.

She was not thrilled to be spanked, but warmed up greatly with some cuddling, and knowing tht the problem was forgotten.
We then made extremely passionate love, which was I am certain louder than any spanking that might have been heard by adjacent cabins.
Spanking and sex, a wonderful combination.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I wish my man would do this to me!

Anonymous said...

Red, I'm so happy to hear some spanking happened on your cruise.
Even if you didn't go to the nude beach with a red bottom lol.
I have used the same test in hotel rooms and it works. I agree with you she did deserve the spanking, and just as you present your bottom she should present hers. I hope to hear about more spanking on your trip.

Anonymous said...

Have you asked him to spank you? Prior to my wife spanking me, I told her about my interest, then we started to explore the spanking world and started out gently until I could take a hard spanking.

Njspank said...

Awesome and well written, nice spanking for you two, love the relationship.
Thanks for sharing