Cindy spanked again

Once again, the advantages of getting older is you forget easily any reason fro being upset with your partner a few days ago, if not yesterday.
The day after spanking Cindy, and making love, we had another disagreement. I do not remember why, but when we went back to the room a little while later, Cindy got out the paddle!
Cindy stated she was wrong, and to get over this I must spank her and then it is finished. She would have nothing to do with my wanting to discuss it any further.
She took off her pants, laid down on the bed. had the heart shaped paddle on the bed beside her, and lowered her panties, and waited!
She stated ten spanks like yesterday....
What a wonderful way to end a disagreement. I took a few pictures of her in this position,
but they are for our own viewing pleasure only... (well, more my viewing pleasure anyways). I think Cindy looks beautiful.
Ten slow,
 harder than yesterday spanks,
with some wriggling and owwing,
and then I took another photo showing a partially reddened bottom, with a little of the heart shaped white space showing.
Follow this up with wonderful passionate sex, and Cindy had a screaming orgasm. If the cabin neighbors did not hear the spanking, they may well have heard the orgasm. [ Cindy the next day stated her throat was sore.. and when I asked why????,  she just smiled and stated I must have been loud yesterday.]

What a extra wonderful vacation this cruise was becoming

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Wow, Red you spanked Cindy two times in two days. After the second one she must have been sore for awhile. I think it's fantastic the agreement you two have. When there is an arguement the one that knows they are wrong, knows they have a spanking coming to settle the disagreement. They then strip get out an implement and present their bottom for the spanking that is called for. Then the problem is forgotten.
A wonderful relationship

ronnie said...

All disagreements should end like that. Maybe wouldn't be so many divorces:)


Michael M said...

I hope you are as well behaved and present your bottom when you are in the wrong.
Sounds like a great cruise.

Red said...

Ronnie: I totally agree, but some problems unfortunately cannot be overcome, if somehow the love has disappeared.
bottoms up

Red said...

Micheal M: but I am a saint, so why should that ever happen.... I was spanked once on the cruise.. but mostly play...
bottoms up

Red said...

ARCHEDONE: Cindy's spankings are not hard, but effective in catching her rapt attention. We have a wonderful relationship
bottoms up