man spanked: New Year Eve's fun

Updating our spanking lifestyle report. The last evening of 2012 went out with a bang!
During the day, I purchased some bubbly Made in California, and some wonderful Maine Lobster.

During the evening, we had our own version of fireworks before dinner.  Not certain if a cold wind was blowing down from Canada, but like Hermione play with bondage, we had a similar type experience..

After some romantic cuddling and fondling, Cindy produced the handcuffs (inexpensive metal ones that are easy to open) that we own... We actually earlier this year bought these and a pair with feathers as being soft for Cindy's wrists, but the feathers fallout everywhere! (They have been abandoned for indoor use, but who knows the potential when used outdoors)

Cindy was dressed in sexy lingerie bra and panties, and I was wearing the same panties (in a larger size). Cindy handcuffed my hands behind my back. Then it was back to fondling and sucking, with me lying their reasonably helpless but thrilled.

Time to flip you over! OH!
Lying on my stomach, Cindy went to the bath room and retrieved the wooden bath brush.Your last spanking of the Year!!! Cindy then brought the chair over to the bed, helped me get up, and had me bend over her knees, with my upper body on the bed. She used her hand first, in a glancing spank, which somehow feels harder.

Quickly she switched to the bath brush, and a brisk pace took off on my bottom. The fact that my hand s were cuffed increased the dominance and submissive feelings, but they were overwhelmed as my feet danced a merry jig to the tune of owww that I was singing. Cindy paused for a moment, asking me to move up a little bit so my cock was between her legs,so she could give it playful squeezes with her thighs. i stated that it had considerably shrunk, but will re bound later. i am not certain about any other male readers, but a real spanking that lasts for a little while makes my cock shrink as though I had jumped into a cold bath. Not certain how those Northerner's in Canada go for a New Year's day swim in the ocean or lake, unless they are visiting Florida.

The spanking recommenced, as did my little jig. Cindy stopped, and admired her handiwork, and helped me stand up.
Immediately, I was on my back on the bed (gently), with Cindy bringing my cock back to life, and then moving her pussy over my face for my and her pleasure orally. I undid my cuffs, and also used my hands, as Cindy had a screaming fantastic O,
followed shortly thereafter  by a reverse cowboy fantastically loud O on my part.

Later, it was wine and lobster (no garlic butter please), and cuddling, and so happy to now have escaped alive, 2012.

Looking forward to hopefully better health for both of us in the New Year..
bottoms up


Hermione said...

Great minds think alike! I like the idea of cuffs with feathers, but wouldn't like the cleanup afterward.


Red said...

Hermione: great minds do think alike, but obviously the retort " fools never differ"... I prefer the great minds... Happy New Year
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful New Year's Eve. We had a pair of cuffs with feathers and same, they kept falling out.


Red said...

ronnie: It was a fun evening. Don't quite know where we can use those cuffs without cleaning forever...
bottoms up