Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone on the East Coast and in Canada affected by Hurricane Sandy that you, your family, and all that you hold dear in life are safe.May the scariest thing be little trick or terreaters knocking at your door.
If you are daring enough, why not send the following card from
http://www.kinkycards.com/card2006.aspx?card=cardImages/3906.jpg&cardid=3906  to your partner
Too bad they do not have something as cute which has the man bending over asking to be spanked...However, they do have..
Another site you might visit is

which has some nice Halloween cartoons
 and another
http://crankyspanker.com/2012/10/28/sunday-before-halloween-2/ has a rather entertaining little segment from endart.
Fiction Halloween stories abound at

So, if I am not too lazy, I may just have to take a picture and adapt it with Paint to have a male orientated spanking saying...

Do have a Happy Halloween, and maybe you could attend a little spanking party...
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the POWER of the CHAIR

One fascinating, enthralling, exciting, and yet also fear producing site is a woman seated on a chair, with what can only be described as "THE LOOK"

The look might be that all knowing smile, that says whatever excuse you give will not deter the spanking that awaits later

It might be the crossed arms and the chair pulled out into the middle of the room
The crossed arms stating your goose is cooked
The LOOK of annoyance at so lame of an excuse
or the hand going to the knee saying over her for young man..   
  or when your partner is seated, and gives you "THE LOOK", you can hear the words
 without her having to say anything
 It is far better to be spanked and then work actively on solving the problem
 Than have a disagreement and stay angry at each other!

 Of course, if you are already naked, and she is seated holding a hairbrush and looking at you, you know your fate is sealed

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Being grounded

Fun thoughts on being grounded....

No Ma'am

now come here
My gf has a spoon just like this

and back in the corner you go
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Thought for the day

Just little posts, as I continue to recover....
The above was made by D fo rhis blog and ur enjoyment a couple of years ago. Thanks D
so whether giving or receiving

remember to have fun: This  woman did...
and hopefully so did this man
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 always remember a great thought to live by...
Some people are very imaginative  when writing a caption;...
The imagery of a hair brush being used to brush hair (how unique is that), but the look on the face is smoking hot...

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outdoor fun

Remember, any where any time,
so today, here are some outdoor spanking photos to stimulate your imagination.
You can always have the fun of the before 'the spanking' photo
 the during the spanking view

or after photo  of the look of a well spanked person holding their bottom.

so get outdoors this Fall and start spanking...

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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment wishing me well.

I truly appreciate it.

Recovery is slow, but steady, and although I feel I can do more, I am sort of going slow. The guidelines state do two times around a track in week three, whereas I am doing three times around the track. Better if you do this twice a day, so I am doing it twice a day. We drive to alocal track and walk around on the track.

Funny item: The guidelines say that you can resume sex after having a heart attack, where in one book it states 7 to 10 days, whereas another states 20 days, but both state only with a FAMILIAR PARTNER.  I guess they don't want it to be too exciting!!!!  Little do they know Cindy and I. Another guide is if you can do two flights of stairs without being out of breathe, and that is not a problem for me.

It also states to take a nap two times a day, morning and afternoon. I am down to one nap, and not really sleeping, but do get very tired at times.

So, today, I thought I would give you a little laugh....

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Today's posting is simply the last thing you see before being  over her knees...


but occasionally, you have an upclose view of the carpet
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Shit Happens

Well, I should never have posted about the fickle finger of fate.... an idea from Laugh-in comedy show of so many years ago.

My age: mid sixties...
my activity level: reasonably high, officiating where running is important, playing baseball, walking extensively when on vacations, snorkeling in the Caribbean..
I do NOT smoke, but did in the past, but stopped over 30 years ago.
5'10" 182 pounds - oops this is actually obese
Eating healthy meals (thanks Cindy) but overindulging in chips and baked goods.. and wine..
Family history of heart attacks..

Result: I had  heart attack two weeks ago today...

I am recovering well, after an emergency angioplasty to put a stent in an artery...

This blog will restart as I recover, as I have a few built up posts that I can use, and real easy other posts...

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indefinite time period of being off the air at the moment..

The fickle finger of fate

Pointing has always been impolite, but when the finger is being pointed at you,
or where you should position yourself

you know that the future is going to be very rosy

at least for your bottom
red bottom time

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