Spanked and Sex

Another fun day at the ranch yesterday (a figure of speech..we do not live on a ranch)..

Cindy had a reason for spanking me... even though I had a good excuse.

We had been at a baseball party for our team, and I greeted the hostess (a teammate) with " Helloooo Sweetie".

Cindy's little lecture yesterday was that she thought I reserved that for her, and our grandchildren. My explanation is my fascination (newly acquired) of watching Dr. Who, which I TOTALLY recommend to everyone. It is available on BBC America.

My explanation is that I love how River Song always greets people I think, however it may only be the Dr. and I will have to look into it.. She says Hellooo Sweetie in such a fun way, that I adopted it.

I may have to change it, but you may not know but I am rather reserved, and shy in talking with people (unless drinking wine to loosen the tongue), and this is a friendly greeting that always gets a smile in return from a woman.

Cindy took a quick freshen up, and then sat on the spanking chair as I first kissed and sucked her toes and feet, then put her shoes on to raise her legs to appropriate height.

She requested I get leather implement(s), so I retrieved the metal studded leather heart shaped paddle and the leather strap that has fingers.

Bare bottom, over her knee,with my panties that I had put on shortly before, around my ankles.

Cindy started with the heart shaped, and it was really effective immediately.
 My feet were dancing and Cindy was enjoying my reaction. She spanked many in one spot, then switched to the other cheek to continue the pattern of all spanks in one spot.
This heart shaped has a tip, and it really found its way into the area between my cheeks when spanking the close cheek, and it wrapped strongly when hitting the far cheek.

Cindy switched to the strap,which stings intensely, and my feet were dancing again.
 The spanking eventually ended, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

The love making that ensued was fabulous, as Cindy is becoming more dominant in bed, which allows my submissive side to enjoy itself.
Cindy enjoys licking and sucking my cock, and then proceeded to move over my face

 and let me return the loving oral pleasures, which eventually lead to a fabulous shouting orgasm for her. Cindy is mentioning that sometimes her throat is sore from her orgasmic scream.

Cindy then moved reverse cowboy, and my orgasm was fabulous.

Spanking and sex, the two go hand in hand..or do i mean bottom and mouth, or...you know what i mean!

So let me close by saying!

bottoms up


Njspank said...

Amazing, wow, the lady in the white panty and the otk spanking, just wonderful for you

Red said...

definitely wonderful for both of us, and the lady shown looks amazing, as does the camera angle.
bottoms up