Fetch my spanking slipper tumblr

For all those slipper enthusiasts, this is the site for you.
 Not hard to guess if she is taking the footwear off, while sitting on the spanking chair.
 yes, bare that bottom and get over my knees...NOW!!!
 I had never really known how many photos existed of being spanked with a slipper,
running shoe,
wooden sandal
or a leather sandal,

but I am rapidly learning.

Rubber soled shoes HURT... big time, and immediately.
Slippers that are rubber soled, or otherwise, are always very handy early in the morning,
and sometimes late at  night.
All these photos come from the site.

If your partner has never thought of an on the spot usage of  rubber soled footwear...
Don't get caught looking at this site :)
Then again, new experiences are always fun..
 The site only started July 11, 2012, but has a lot of wonderful pictures

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Slippers are too soft (and unnecessarily noisy) - and I never wear rubber-soled shoes - but, in the summer, my leather sandals really deliver, in addition to which they are perfect for an impromptu outdoor spanking!


Red said...

J: never knew noise was a problem.. leather sandals are prefect
bottoms up

Unknown said...

Been slippered with a rubber soled slipper a couple of times by a woman but i did not cry or anything, just yelled and whimpered a little. However,i must admit, it did burn like crazy afterwards and i could not sit down properly for two or three days after.
Ian J

Anonymous said...

rubber soled slippers hurt like crazy and leave a burning sensation for quite some time afterwards.
Alan j

Red said...

Ian: thanks for sharing... Are you spanked often, and by who?

Alan: I have never had the experience, but this seems right from the couple of smacks I have received with a slipper
bottoms up

Sharpe45 said...

haven't had a slipper experience yet but would love to go over a woman's knee to experience one.

Red said...

sharpe45: are you in a spanking relationship? best to find a woman you love, and who loves you
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

i used to get spanked a lot with a rubber summer slipper on my bottom and on thighs. It was very noisy and hurt a lot. I loved the burning sensation afterwards. My mother was a grate spanker and she knew how to use her rubber slipper.